Rexona 2012

i like this smiling pic also but i think i have to put some meat in my legs :-)  

My doctor told me after 2 days STRAINED TENDON
 I could run again BUT I did not tell him about my planned 21 km race on the weekend J.
If you promise to not to tell him I may just give you a free CONDURA SKYWAY MARATHON 2013 race bib J.
Anyway, I signed up for the Rexona 21km race a few months ago already but due to bad weather it was moved to Sept.23,2012. A few days before race day I snapped something on my right foot and according to my doctor it was a  STRAINED TENDON 
I was really depress and racing was the list of my priorities I just wanted to run Trying the foot
But "Rexona" was calling. I decided to race but down grade to  the 5km category.
The day before Race day ( Saturday ) My loony head hit me again and I ran 15km.
The pain on the the right foot was present but it wasn’t so bad.
So I said to myself, Lets go for it on Sunday ! I'm running the 21km event. J.

During the race I was very conscious on my foot landing.
No way would i want to re-injury  it again.
On the very dark areas of the route that had lots of pot holes I really took it easy but as always I twisted my foot  again. I think its about time I upgrade my eye glasses to maybe binoculars sssh!
My foot would twitch once in a while but it was performing better than expected.
I did not push the pace but just took it easy.
In spite of some bottle necks in the race course it was a good race.
I finished 2:15.34 not bad i was expecting something slower like " GARY PACE" 2:40 
For a 21km race i usually finish around 1.53 range.
I wasn’t tired. i was literally smiling the entire race course and had so much energy after the race. Yay !
Thank you God my foot is better :-)
This Race i dedicate to my Tita Myrna Borja who was cremated Saturday. she was like a 2nd mom to me.
Oh after the race on the way home i got caught by the Pasay Police. Violation  -  illegal swerving and yes i did illegally swerve. My fault! Paid him P500 for him to not get my license and yes he accepted the P 500. ;-)
Lastly, on the 11km mark of the race route i found P500 in a plastic container.
Now we are even !

Running and great friend Paolo. Hey why do you have a finisher shirt and i don't 
Running friends
 My old running friends " Mon Domingo " 
Noel, me, Daves and Martin
i like that building at the background
Kentz, me and Neil
Running Friends