Runners World - U.S.A. Photo Session missed opportunity :-(

I think it was August 2012 there was an add in the Runners World U.S.A. website, they were looking for a poster boy for one of their upcoming Article.
Kapal muka ko! I submitted a picture and a short Bio Data of myself.
picture i submitted to R.W. - U.S.A

To my surprise i got 2 emails from them :
The 1st email they wanted me to go to there LA office on Sept.13  for a photo Session.
The 2 nd email they wanted me to go to there New York office on Sept.22   for another photo session.
The thing that caught my attention is when they told me to go to L.A. i was on my way to  San Francisco ( L.A. is at least a 4 hour drive from San Francisco) and when they told me to go to New York i was on my way to  Boston ( New York is a 3 hour train ride from Boston )
They seemed to know where i was going or going to be . 
The only logical thing i could think of is they where monitoring my blog ? because in my blog i  was updating my itinerary.  But Sad to say, when i read the email it was already to late.
'i asked them if i can just submit a photo instead. They politely declined :-(.
Missed Opportunity does hurt but it was flattering they choose me as a finalist.
next time i will include all my contact info.
copy of email they sent me below :

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 18:04:57 -0400
Subject: Runner's World Magazine Photo Session
Runner's World Magazine Photo Session
Thank you for your photo submission to Runner’s World Magazine.
We are excited to tell you that you are a finalist! Are able to make it to LA on Thurs, 9/13?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Reneel Keith
Associate Photo Editor
Runner’s World Magazine

Subject: Runner's World Magazine Photo Session - NNewYork City
This message is in reference to your photo submission. We would like to use you for a photo shoot scheduled for Saturday, September 22. Are you interested and would you be available? Please let me know either way and can you answer these questions:
Is there any time on September 22 that you are not available?
Are you okay with being photographed in black boy shorts (like our cover models wear?
What is your true running short size?
Can you bring your own running shoes?
I look forward to hearing from you!
Lorii Adams
Editorial Projects Coordinator
Runner’s World 400 South 10th Street, Emmaus, PA 18098P: 610.967.7867 | F: 610.967.8883 |