Was running early this morning when accidentally my right foot  stepped on a rock.
It started to hurt  But in spite of the pain I was still pushing it after about   5 – 6 km I felt something snap on the outer side of my  foot L.
Shit !!!! Fuck !!! this has never happen to me before.
I’ve run through all types of injury , pain etc. but this one felt different
Will ice, elevate and ultra sound treatment and yes I may have to REST till it gets better.
May even see a doctor.
I pray for the best.
Update as of Sept. 18 afternoon.
Went to visit Friend /  Doctor Miguel " Miracle Man "del Prado
His diagnosis is strained tendon on the outer side of foot and lower leg
recommendation : ice and stand on my toes once in a while to strengthen muscle.Rest for a few days and yes i can run after a few days :-)
if your wondering why we call him " miracle man " check link : miracle man