Random Faces of Boston 2012

Random Pictures i took while i was in Boston 
80% of pictures i took while i was running :-)

Christian Science Plaza
Prudential Building on the middle background 
Reflecting pool by the Christian Science Plaza
Reflecting pool, Mary Baker Eddy Library on the background
I have a thing for Barbers pole
All Boston Marathon first place winners get their names etched on this floor
George Town Cup Cake - Food Network Channel. i ordered a mocca cupcake when i tried it I'm not kidding i almost died !its so good!
top left coconut , top right carrot and lower right vanilla chocolate.
Sarap !!
A dress boutique with all types of sewing machine as front display. Cool
" Back Bay area "
My running crib
Lunch with my daughter in a Jap restaurant near Kenmore square subway.
I'm starving i just ran a 30 km earlier

Christian Science Plaza
Granary Burying ground
Boston Common Park
Don't be fooled these Dudes are Berkley students they play a little music in the streets to pay part of tuition and apartment fees.
North End - The ITALIAN District. 
Barber Pole in the North End - I really have a thing with Barber Poles :-)
Italian chapel at the North end. Bostonians are very religious
Coffee place named after my Daughter
Old south church
Michael Jackson - Bus 
Salem - Witch city of Massachusetts 
Another Cupcake store but not as good as the Gorge town cup cake store. Boston has lots of  Cup Cake store.
Grocery shopping with daughter stocking up on her fridge before i go back to manila.
When in doubt ... When depress have a slice of Spam 
Love the vegetables so colorful

While daughter was buying groceries i 2went to my favorite section
My Drugs !!!! Pain killer is my best friend !
A red Bull car. you can go to the driver and he will give you free samples by the 6 packs 
Boston Public Library
Sometimes while i wait for my daughter to come out from class i would read a book in this area... and yes i do read
Trolley by Copley Square
Nike  Store at Newbury. 4 floors of all sports gear :-)
Let me introduce to you the famous "Boston Chinese MIRROR Lady " - she lives in the streets and  carry's a mirror everywhere. She looks a t the mirror 24 /7 and talks to No one and sometimes stares into space.
kawawa. while i was having lunch in the park by myself i made pasimple and took a picture of her. she just put down her mirror.
i had the weirdest tasting hot dog in this place. It tasted like a combination, pork, beef and lamb ?
Apple store across my hotel 4 story. i was going crazy over the iphone - 5, ipad, mac, mac air etc. etc.
but to kuripot to buy any 
When we are in Boston our means of transportation is walk, subway, train and more walk. We don't rent a car or take a cab. My daughters means of transportation is her Long Board ! serious
Charlestown Navy Yard
Back Bay
Stupid sign i saw as soon as i got out of the train station in Salem
i finished reading this book in 3 days ... seriously
The 2 guys are smoking marijuana ha ha. i could smell it ! after a few minutes i saw them with a plate full of Chinese food porking out. I notice a lot people Bostonian smoking dope i think it legal as long as its an ounce or less.
A 67 Top down Chev 
Every morning when i run that black guy sitting down always gives me the " Knuckle 5 greeting" and with his heavy slang accent he says to me " Hey my inspiration". One time i was running late around 9am and when i pass by him he said, "Oh man i though i missed you. your my inspiration " sabay Knucle 5 greeting". Will sure miss him :-(
Bill Rogers monument by Quincy Market
Love the All nation Corner fast food section. 
Lets not forget the Tattoo convention ha ha
Daughters room mate made muffins. while i cooked adobo for them
i forgot to put garlic 
Another Barber pole at the Boston Airport before heading for San Francisco
I'll see you soon baby. Yellow string tied on the tree ;-)