May 14, 2019

Bike King Duathlon & Murphys Law

Excited and anxious is an understatement in describing how I was so looking forward to the Bike King  Duathlon (6km run - 60km bike - 4km run) event which was held at Clark, Pampanga last Sunday, May 12.  Not only did I rack in the needed mileage in preparation for this race but was mentally and physically good to go. Needless to say I was totally psyched up in spite of the fact that I have just recovered from a  fractured left rib due to a terrible bike fall just a month ago.  

So I went to the race venue and was just doing the usual last minute preps before checking in.  I decided to do some “technical” tinkering with my bike which unfortunately resulted in a total disaster.  I ended up with a deflated tire which was irreparable. The only solution was to change the tire / interior but at that point I knew I no longer had the luxury of time with only minutes to gun start compounded by the fact that I had zero experience on tire changing 101.  It was then that I realized I had no choice but to just call it a day resulting in a DNS (Did Not Start).  I won’t deny that I was pretty devastated and ultimately decided to go for a 20.5 km run instead to calm my frustration.  

So what is the moral in all of this ... DO NOT  TINKER WITH YOUR BIKE MINUTES BEFORE RACE TIME!!! But then again, “shit” does happen.  Unexplainable random events that we have no control over.  "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong ” as the old adage goes.  I know there will be more duo races to come and this time I will I be ready and hungry for it... barring Murphy’s Law.

Mar 18, 2019


 I wanted to start off my birthday celebration with a Race and I found the perfect 10 km race to join in the net. It was close by and had a bit not so early gun start.  The only thing is, it was “the competition’s”.

SHARP happens to be CONDURA’s biggest competitor in the Appliance industry. But then again, a little friendly competition never hurt the cooling business.

It was a pretty good race which promoted a festive Filipino atmosphere. They kept it fun by having games, warm up dances, and cheerleaders; lets not forget the filipino delicacies and dirty ice cream. I actually heard the banana que was awfully good. My only issue is the race route in Filinvest, Muntinlupa City.  I just felt like a Gerbil having to make several loops in the same course.  After awhile it kind of gets into your head but I have to say the marshals did an excellent job in controlling the race. Overall it was a fun festive race. A perfect way to start off celebrating 56. 

 Love and Respect the Marshals Always 

Mar 17, 2019


So here we are... another year, another birthday. I won’t deny that I was a bit anxious at the thought of hitting 56. The fact that I am slowly inching my way to 60, moving ever further away from 50, sometimes brings about moments of worry and concern. Truth is getting old is inevitable. But then again, old isn’t exactly what it used to be.

A few weeks ago, a good friend casually mentioned over drinks that before she hit the big 50, she too was feeling the same anxiety I felt but when the actual date came to pass, she just uttered in her British accent, “MEH". Translation : "No big deal". I almost choked on my beer that night because I just couldn't stop laughing! I love her no-nonsense attitude about life and aging. Ultimately, we can’t control getting older, but we can control how we do it. It’s a choice. We can embrace each day with joy instead of fear. We can take control of our health and take care of ourselves as we take care of those we love. We can be open to learning new ideas and experiences and stay relevant whatever the date on our birth certificates. 

I choose to forge ahead, embracing my age, embracing my life and getting ready for what’s next. So never mind if my idea of happy hour is a nap... or when a typical night out starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm... or when I can’t function without my readers... or when my favorite pastime is sitting in a La-Z-Boy watching Netflix. Getting older also has its upside. I tend to care far less of what other people think and I am able to be more myself than I have ever been. I am way more comfy now in my own “saggy” skin.

So here I am at 56 ... “MEH”. Throw me whatever you’ve got. Instead of getting stuck in the mire of midlife madness, I will try to embrace every moment with deep appreciation and joy and always with healthy dose of humor.

Happy birthday to me!

Feb 22, 2019

Social Media (SM) and ME

I began writing about running in 1981. I started running in 1980. I remember scribbling down my notes on a “Catleya notebook“ purchased from Alemars Bookstore. Then on March. 7, 2007 is when I officially created my blog,   In the blog, I would chronicle my  running experiences, some stories including my struggles about running and life as well.  This was a major step up from a simple Cattleya notebook. With the blog, I am now able to share my insights to whoever may be interested to read them.   

In 2013, I created an FB account and then an IG account a few years later. This served as another platform for me to share my running stories, promote my blog and get some “at-the-moment” interaction with my peers.  I think this was also when all hell broke loose.  I found myself gradually getting ADDICTED to this whole “social media” phenomenon.  I noticed that I am on my phone (or computer) constantly checking on the latest updates, trends and spending much time looking at other people’s lives. I’m on my phone when I wake up, in the toilet, before & after my run or bike rides, during meals, before bed.  I find myself trying to take the most awesome or wacky Run / Bike pictures to post. I find myself sitting on the couch or at a restaurant and I would be scrolling through my FB or IG feeds.  Aimlessly. Mindlessly. Shamelessly. I had transitioned into an obsessive scrolling fiend that my thumb is actually sharing the same mileage as my running. I know I’m not alone in this.  I’m sure there are many others who can relate to this “millennial” dilemma. 

There have been quite a few times when this “issue” was called to my attention even to the point of some drastic intervention... like grabbing the phone directly from my hand and holding it hostage just so I would stop.  I realized at that moment that I needed to Shut.It.Down. and admitting that I am an “addict” is the first step to recovery.  

I’m not against social media and I don’t plan to delete all my accounts. I believe social media has some undeniable benefits. It’s connected me to some friends from all walks of life and from all around the world. It’s a useful tool for big and small enterprises  to promote their brands. I am all for the “networking” angle of it.  But sometimes social media can feel like a fog where it’s super difficult to see the light. That’s when I know I need to lift my head from my phone and take a breather. 

Now I am putting in a conscious effort to UNPLUG or go OFFLINE at times. In fact, I did  try a 2-week “cold turkey” detox from social media a couple of months back.  Because of that, I was able to stay focused on other important matters at home, family, love life including running and biking.  The goal is to live  life in the moment and be grateful for it; to not always think of taking the perfect shot to post.  In short, to be more present in LIFE.   This Social Media Detox is on going. I will still take some awesome RUN / BIKE shots for posting because its something I really enjoy doing. I may share a bit of my happy life milestones but keeping in mind  to put some limits or boundaries especially when it comes to my private life.

As in all break ups go - it’s not you SM, it’s me. It’s just time to claim my freedom and self control and hopefully some semblance of peace.  It’s time to be social in the real sense of the word. To engage. Build real relationships with other people in the real world... especially with the ones that matter most. 

With that under control, now what to do with my current addiction..... NETFLIXπŸ˜”πŸ˜”. One day at a time.