I am 54 ....

          I woke up today with a realization that I am now 54 years old.  What a journey it has been yet the path to self discovery is never ending. Getting older means learning to appreciate this stage of life as a new adventure.  As the time goes by, I still discover more things, learn more things and experience more things. Despite the aging physical body, the mind, soul and heart matures.  I hope and pray that I still have a few more decades left in this journey of life to fully concentrate on what truly matters not just for myself but for others.  A chance to "pay it forward" 
because at the end of the day....

"God is watching me...
He wants to know how we treat each other ...
How we help each other...
So when I die and if there is a heaven I want to see it..."
-Mohammed Ali


Coolness is in the 
Genes 😎...

Check out my Dad, Raul "Ronnie" , and his twin, my Uncle "Joe" , in the latest issue of ROGUE magazine. 

Animo " La Salle Run " 2017

I was not suppose to run this race.  I was originally gearing up for another race in MOA with my friend, Paolo, but because of some mixup by the organizer, my race bib never arrived. This all happened just a day before the scheduled event.  So, all psyched up with nowhere to run, I decided to look for another race I could join last minute that was still open.  Luckily,  I heard my alma matter was having a race on the same day and I quickly signed up for it. Being an alumni, my race bib was free which was an added perk. 

Upon my arrival, I was greeted warmly by my fellow La Salle brothers which was quite touching.  It felt good to see some former classmates and batch mates after such a long time.  What I didn't expect, however, was that they had assigned the La Salle "elite team" to pace me during the race.  " Oh shit ".  Needless to say, it added quite a bit of pressure on someone who just started getting back into the racing circuit and who has been having a love/hate relationship with his left leg.  Nevertheless, it was a wonderful race day. The weather was chilly and the course was not that difficult. To my surprise, I started off running quite well meaning - no pain whatsoever on my left knee.  I was able to push my pace and crossed the finish line placing 6th overall with still some gas left in my legs.  This was the first time I was able to run "pain free" after a year which, I'm not ashamed to admit, almost brought tears to my eyes.  For a runner, that is a very big deal. 

I'm glad I was able to run the LA SALLE ANIMO RACE, my alma matter where I started my formative years many decades ago, to see some old friends and have a chance to reminisce about the "good old crazy days" but most of all, to just basically have a great time.  Come to think of it, all this would have never even happened if my original plan didn't fall through.  I guess it's true that everything happens for a reason  and the unexpected ones are always the best. 

Animo La Salle!  It was great to come back home. 
Feb. 13, 2017
" St. Benilde " 
at night
 St. Benilde during my time year 1969