BGC Cycleasia Philippines

           I registered for the BGC - 40 km Race as preparation for an upcoming long distance cycling race scheduled before the end of the year.  
           This event gave me the chance to not only rack up the mileage but also improve my speed and endurance.  The route consisted of a double loop from BGC to MOA and back.             Though I originally thought it  would be an easy ride, it seemed everyone was pushing each other to go really fast in fact that my tools and spare tire kit flew off my bike and is now lost somewhere in MOA.  
             It was a fun race especially since most of the main roads where closed and the Cyclists had full command of the road. The only time we did stop during the race was when the PNR Train was crossing at SLEX and Buendia Avenue. ha ha !
  I definitely hope to do this race again next year!

Soleus Series - William flores & Zumba

            It was a Night of Celebration with the Soleus Family and some running friends as Soleus presented the Special Edition WATCHES Collection designed in collaboration with Soleus Elites, KARA GOUCHER, ALYSIA MONTA√ĎA and NICK SYMMONDS.  It was also the night they introduced Peruvian International Zumba Fitness Instructor, WILLIAM FLORES, as a new member of the Soleus Family.
He will becoming to the Philippines on February 2017 to perform his signature moves to the Filipino enthusiasts. 
I am not a dancer and I rarely get to dance so I decided to go a little crazy and try my luck at the dance floor.  It was definitely a night filled with music and laughter and a chance to unwind for my peers.  

Thank you again Judith Staples for inviting me and yes I will be ready to Zumba come February 2017.
Special Edition Collection designed in collaboration with Soleus Elites, KARA GOUCHER
Thanks Judith :-)
My 2 fav ladies  



                                                I enjoy biking so much that I go for a ride at least 2-3 times a week. I also recently invested on a SPECIALIZED Diverge bike.  Biking, however, did not come as natural to me as running did.  Each ride is different and can be a struggle at times especially for long distances.  I couldn't get comfortable on my current setup and experienced a lot of discomfort especially around the butt area.  Lately, I have come to realize that there is a "science to biking" if one aims to ride long and comfortable and the first step is to get a so-called "Bike Fit".   A bike fit has three basic parameters: correct saddle height, correct saddle-to-stem distance, and correct fore and aft saddle position based on the rider's height, flexibility and riding style.  The whole point of a bike fit is to make you sit more comfortably (which will let you ride for longer) and to help you ride more efficiently. 

So I reached out to Miguel Lopez  who recently trained in Singapore, to give me a Bike Fit session and hopefully, "fix me up."  After a few hours of collaboration, my bike and I were tuned to a “ T ”.  Miguel even threw in a bonus lesson on how to use Cleats which I struggled with initially.  Since then my current bike rides have been more comfortable.  I am now riding on a perfectly tuned biked with cleats on my feet and happy butt  even on those long rides. 

Going through the "bike fit" process and getting an expert opinion especially for beginners like me who aren’t too familiar with how a bike should fit and feel proved to be quite useful.  An expert consultation provided a good reference point on how comfortable a bike should fit going forward.

Thank you Miguel Lopez. 
Thanks for the Specialized Fit.                                                                       

Condura Skyway Marathon 2017

Dear Fellow runners,
                     In 2008, we started a revolution by launching a World Class international standard race in the Philippines called the Condura run. With the soul of being a “run by runners for runners” and the vision of being “the Premier Marathon Event in the Philippines and Asia Pacific”, the Condura Skyway Marathon became the most loved, the most anticipated and the biggest marathon event in the Philippines.

         But what made this run extra special is that you, our runners ran to champion environmental causes in Tubbataha, the Dolphins of Bohol, the Whale sharks of Donsol and the mangroves of Zamboanga de Sibugay. You also championed social causes through the Hero Foundation where we sent hundreds of children of our fallen soldiers to school.

         After 8 years and 7 marathons, with over 100 thousand participants from all over the country and from the 4 corners of the World, we asked ourselves 1 question - How can we make the marathon much better in order to stay true to our vision? And the answer is to postpone the 2017 Marathon in order to give us more time to plan and execute a bigger and better marathon in the future.

         We would like to thank our partners, Skyway, Asics, Asia Brewery, Run Rio and Hero Foundation for their support through the years. This race would not be possible without you. We would also like to thank our runners for their loyalty and support and for more importantly running to make our country a better place one step at a time!

         Looking forward to seeing you all in the future Condura Marathons.

Mr. Raul Patrick Concepcion
Condura Skyway Running Ambassador

Mr. Ton Concepcion
Condura Skyway Marathon Founder

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