Late post ..... what was i thinking. 3rd place for 10k event

Tour de Force - Cesco Concepcion

Hey Everyone ! if you so happen to be in Dubai on April 1, 2017
please check out my Daughter " Cesco " Concepcion Paintings.
So proud of you Cesco.
you will definitely be an inspiration to artist all over the world .

Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10 km Challenge 2017

What is SUB1 10K?
"Being able to complete a 10K Race Route in 1 hour or less has always been the ‘Holy Grail’ of most runners and Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge is the only race in the Philippines that highlights this achievement. It’s also a test of one’s fitness. As runners, we know what it means to break the SUB1 time limit – consistent training, dedication and hard work". - Pinoy Fitness

            While most of the runner's goals that morning was to break the 1 hour barrier, I had a different agenda in mind. I guess you can say I was not exactly in "race mode." All I had in mind was to enjoy, soak up some sun and sweat it out. I was not in it to beat my time or compete with anyone but simply to push myself and see how far my body and knee can handle the faster pace. i even stop twice to tie my shoelaces and helped a runner who almost fainted a km before the finish line. 
           All in all, I was quite pleased with the results. I have already learned to accept that the good old days were I once could give the younger boys a run for their money are way behind me. Call it age or wisdom but I am pretty content with that and happy where I am at right now;  to still be a "RUNNER".  I still hope to be able to run longer distances soon and maybe even another marathon one day.  After all, one can dream right? 

Oh and if you are wondering whether I broke the 1 hour barrier…I pressed the wrong button in my GPS watch which reset it back to 0.  Just my luck....



I am 54 ....

          I woke up today with a realization that I am now 54 years old.  What a journey it has been yet the path to self discovery is never ending. Getting older means learning to appreciate this stage of life as a new adventure.  As the time goes by, I still discover more things, learn more things and experience more things. Despite the aging physical body, the mind, soul and heart matures.  I hope and pray that I still have a few more decades left in this journey of life to fully concentrate on what truly matters not just for myself but for others.  A chance to "pay it forward" 
because at the end of the day....

"God is watching me...
He wants to know how we treat each other ...
How we help each other...
So when I die and if there is a heaven I want to see it..."
-Mohammed Ali


Coolness is in the 
Genes 😎...

Check out my Dad, Raul "Ronnie" , and his twin, my Uncle "Joe" , in the latest issue of ROGUE magazine.