Looking Back ... Moving Forward

2018 is almost on its way out and what an adventure it has been.  This year alone has been filled with so much life changing moments...

  • My eldest daughter Patricia got married and is happily living in Boston. 
  • My youngest daughter Cesco is doing well in college and thriving in her chosen field. 
  • I ran the Singapore Half Marathon for the second time this year. 
  • I have joined 9 road races, 2 bike events and 2 duathlons. 

Of course, one can’t have the good without the bad...

  • I got hit by a Motorcycle while biking, knocked me unconscious and lived to tell about it. 
  • I am now 55 years old and try to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night yet still feeling the need to recharge at different times of the day oftentimes stealing some nap time anywhere I can... the car, the office, church, even meetings and restrooms.   
  • My bad left calf never got to heal as well as I had hoped despite therapy and wonder if it ever will.
  • I did some foolish things which I regret (we all get a case of the stupid sometimes) but in the end,  stood up for what is most important to me. 
  • I had to face a grave reality that ROCKed me but learned to be strong and stand up to the plate. 

There are days I tend to question the “true meaning of life” but quickly realize that positive vibes create positive outcomes.  I know that there is still so much to be thankful for.  For starters,  I can still run and have been doing so for 38 years. Running helps me unspool the tangles that build up in my brain and keeps me sane.  I’m pretty much in good health despite my “erratic” eating habits which isn’t always described as healthy.  I  have a very supportive partner, my rock,  who I can’t live without. Though my mood swings oftentimes get the better of me, I am thankful for the watchful eye of the person above who always keeps me in check. 

I have to remember that happiness is found within.  After all, this life is my own and I alone am responsible for the quality of it.  No apologies no excuses.  I will not let my mistakes define who I am. I can’t change the past but I know I can, at the very least, appreciate what it has taught me.

Everyone’s journey is different and we can do ourselves a big favor by living it to the best we can.  Sounds cliche but no harm can come from just trying to enjoy each moment, and doing our best to do the right thing. Trust in the journey.  Learn. Grow. Evolve. Become.  

Just to end on a high and positive note for 2018, I RAN 1,811.87 KMs with a  TOTAL ACCUMULATED DISTANCE OF 113,607.14 SINCE MAY 30,1980 and BIKED 7,615.90 kms. this year. 
Looking forward to 2019. 

The Standard Charter Singapore Half Marathon 2018

I wanted to cap the year with an out of town race and decided on the Standard Charter Singapore Half Marathon which was held last Sunday, December 9, 2018.   
Having ran the race last year, this years SCSM proved to be quite different.   For starters, organizers introduced a two day format where in participants in the 5km and 10km category (20,000 runners) flagged off a day before their Marathon and Half Marathon counterparts (30,000 runners). Also unlike last year where the starting point was at Orchard Road, the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon both began at 4.30am from the Formula One Pit Building and ended at The Float @ Marina Bay. 

A new race route was also introduced  which I personally feel was not as scenic as last year.  Probably the only distinct similarity would be the weather... hot and humid all throughout which was quite challenging. 

Nevertheless, running the SCSM half marathon was the perfect way to end my 2018 racing season. The last time I ran a 21km race event was sometime in July 2018 since having been quite selective in the races I choose to join  (and mainly struggling with the early morning call times which is normally around 3am).  
I am looking forward to a better running and race season for 2019.

Why I Run

Why I Run 16km 
I run because its something I love to do... I love to run out of town because it  gives me a chance to slow down my hectic pace. 
The weather was surprisingly chilly and the route a bit challenging. And once in awhile, you get to win a trophy... 🏆
Thanks Jason B. for the pics ;-)

Post race treat

Sun Life CYCLEPH 2018

This is the 2nd time I have joined Sun Life CYCLEPH the first time being in 2015.   What (I thought) was suppose to be an easy 40km ride turned out to be quite a challenge.  For starters,  the pace was awesomely fast that I feared one wrong move by anyone in the group would result in a major crash.  
Though the route was fairly straightforward, cruising  the streets of BGC in Taguig all the way to the end of Buendia Avenue, Pasay City with the added safety of partially closed roads, the challenge was the leg burning climb on the Kalayaan Flyover which we had to do in 3 loops.   

The highlight of the race, however,  was riding beside “Papa P“ Piolo Pascual.   Ambassador of  Sun Life and it’s “SunPIOLOgy” campaign that organizes charity sporting events to raise funds for education, diabetes awareness while promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle for Filipinos. 

Not a shabby way to spend a cool Saturday morning... out on the streets of the metro having a nice bike ride out with some friends for a good cause. 

Pilipinas Duathlon 2018

The Pilipinas Duathlon Series Final Leg was held on October 14, 2018 at Subic Bay, Pampanga.  This is the second duathlon I participated in the first one being the first leg of the Pilipinas Duathlon Series last Feb 25 in Clark Pampanga. Unlike Clark, Subic Bay is quite well known for is its killer hills.  I was fully aware that the course would have a great degree of difficulty  based on the feedback I gathered from friends who are familiar with the course. This is basically the reason why I opted for the shorter distance Sprint Category (5km run-20km bike- 5km bike).
At the start of the race, the run event already proved to be quite a challenge with 2.5 km downhill and 2.5 km uphill which we had to do twice! The bike segment was no exception with endless hills after hills after hills.  It didn’t take long before I could feel the burn in my thighs. The bike course alone can be tricky and treacherous if not careful. There were a few major crashes on the race route where ambulance assistance was required.  I am grateful to have been spared any serious mishaps and the dreaded flat tire.  I did, however, have a bit of difficulty treading the down slopes during the run segments due to a nagging left calf muscle. Other than that,  I was surprisingly feeling quite good throughout the race. 
An unexpected perk — a 3rd Place Finish in my Age Group.   
I feel it was a good idea to take on the shorter distance  so as not to burn myself out too much and still live to race another day.  It was hot,  it was challenging but overall, the Pilipinas Duathlon in Subic proved to be a great experience. 
3rd Place Age Category 
 Run 5km x 2
 Bike 20 km
 Bromance with Hector 

 The " Legend " Frank L.
 Hanging out with friends
 My 3rd Place Medal age Group Category
 Chilling after the race
See you soon Subic