No Waze to Life - 55 YEARS OLD

Alarm rings at precisely 4am like it has been doing so every single day for many decades now.  It signals the moment I get up and do my daily ritual -  say a morning prayer, coffee, “banyo”,  stretch and then out by approximately 4:45 to run and/or bike for a couple of hours or so.  Then I do my stretches, take a shower, office by 8.30 (on weekdays) have more coffee and a light brekky. By noontime,  I’d most likely be taking a “power siesta” to get me through the rest of the day. That is more or less the extent of my daily ritual and today is no exception even if today is the day I turn 55.  Yes, I’m 55 and if anybody says  I’m “OLD”, they just blew a birthday blowout at PANCAKE HOUSE! ha ha.

Kidding aside, though it may not have been an easy road, in my 55 years I have learned to appreciate the journey. There really is no direct path through life. You can’t “waze” it and take the easy route. I would say that life is about keeping an open mind, and following the heart.  There are so many paths to explore and if you just focus on the final destination, you may become completely oblivious to the places and sights you might only be moments away from.  You may find that there is another, slightly more wiggly path that may be an interesting alternative part of your journey.  Sometimes you may hit a dead-end and may have to double back a bit.  The journey is all the little things, all the stops we make along the way, wrong turns and detours included. We grow and learn and become who we are. It’s all the memories we have, all the laughs, all the lessons. It’s traveling, seeing new things and new places, experiencing all that we can. It’s meeting new people, making connections, making friends, learning from others. It’s feeling pain, grief, joy, sadness, love, loss and everything in-between.  Life is made up of moments, good and bad with each moment as precious as the last. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing should be taken for granted.

So here I am at 55.  Though still contemplating whether I should run or bike today, there is one thing I do know for sure.  Yes I’m “effing” old (*pardon my French) and while  I still have a destination to reach, at least at this point in my journey,  I am happy.  At the end of the day, thats all that really matters.
Happy Birthday to me!  

Concepcion Family Meeting 2018 Tokyo, Japan

This annual event takes the clan back to Tokyo to discuss business while mixing some pleasure and family bonding time on the side like exploring the city, indulging in the great food, enjoying the cold weather and most important going for my Adventure Runs which is the best way to see the sights.  Always good times spent with family.

                           pic credit to : Peachy Concepcion
     going back home 

Pilipinas Duathlon Series 2018

 The Pilipinas Duathlon Series 2018 was held at Clark Pamapanga last February 25, 2018 with the 4km run-25km bike-4km run as the main event. 
This is the first Duathlon I’ve participated in for 2018 and plan to do many more with longer distances on the run and bike events. I really enjoy out-of-town races simply because of the fresh air, picturesque mountain views, wide open spaces not to mention the Duty Free Shopping that Clark is known for.  A break from the city is always good for the soul... a chance recharge and maybe get some sun.

I estimate there were about 750 participants which is fairly large for an event like this because the bike portion can get pretty chaotic if not managed properly.  Still feeling a bit “heavy” the past few days (most likely from all the fatty foods I have been indulging in lately), I was not exactly in peak condition but remained focused and determined to do my best as always. I basically just coasted through the race which was quite enjoyable. Nevertheless, I plan on being better prepared for upcoming Duathlon events in the future and still have a lot of fun in the process.

 A breath taking Bike ride before i head back home 
Post race pig out :-) 


Say Hi !!! to"BABES" 💙

Ceepo Stingray -R


So it finally happened. 
After years of close calls and near misses, I finally hit the deck. It was an early Friday morning at about 4:45 am of Jan 26 when the dreaded incident happened. I was on the 20th km mark of my scheduled 60-km bike ride when I suddenly got hit by a speeding motorcycle from behind.  The incident took place along Ayala Avenue Ext right in front of the South Cemetery (of all places to have an accident). I don’t recall much of what exactly happened or how it all came about.  I can’t even remember how I stood up or who helped me out.  It seemed like I was just going through the motions but completely in a daze.  After a short while, I found myself inside the Barangay Police Station giving a statement on the incident to the Barangay Captain together with the person who hit me. 
The atmosphere was calm and cordial considering what had just transpired early on. I was bruised up quite a bit with  minor scrapes and scratches on some parts of my body, a bad headache, a cracked helmet and a broken bike.  I knew we had to go through all the formalities but in my mind, I just wanted to go home.  After all was said and done, I had my ever reliable bodyguard/driver/sidekick Manong Abelardo pick me up so he can bring Renee (bike) and I home.  It was only when I got settled into my couch that I began to truly comprehend the gravity of what just happened and the various scenarios of how it could have turned out.  The “what ifs” started creeping in my mind... what if I got crippled, what if I can no longer run or walk, what if I died.  At that moment, I began to feel the aches and pains in my body, neck and head after all the adrenalin started to dissipate.  I came to the  realization that this is my wake up call, that I simply got lucky and said a short prayer to God and the Angels who have been watching over me.  

When you are riding on a bike on the streets, no matter how careful you may be, there is always a chance of being involved in a crash.  The bicyclist will, in most cases, be at the most risk for serious injury and usually takes the brunt of the damage.  Admittedly, I may be reckless and carefree at times but have always believed in SAFETY FIRST especially on the road. 
There are 3 things I make sure I have with me when I bike. 

1.The mandatory helmet which reduces one's risk of serious injury by as much as 85 percent.  My helmet sustained a crack from the minor incident alone. I can only wonder how I would have fared had I not been wearing one.   

2. Next is the indispensable cellphone.  In this day and age, the cellphone comes in handy for making those S.O.S. calls or even simply documenting the incident.  
Lastly, even when running, I never leave home without my 

3. ROAD I.D.  Since I like to run or bike alone, the benefit of wearing identification is that there is immediate information relayed to response teams whether you're conscious or out-cold be it your name, blood type or emergency contact information which can be very useful in emergency situations.

They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. In this case, I’d settle for wiser.  For now, I may just take it easy on the bike and concentrate on my running again.

Keep safe on the road everyone...
A public service reminder from Runningshield... 😊
A badly needed Tune-up
 Recovery Bike
Recovery Run