Palm Sunday .... Me time

After a 20.23 km Sunday Run with Megan Young.
I took a quick shower and went to church for PALM SUNDAY Mass, Not only is Palms Sunday Mass a day of obligation for us Christian's but today i really felt that i needed to connect with God. I guess it was just one of those days ....
Anyway, after Mass i decided to have some "ME" time. I drove down south to eat lunch in my Favorite Carinderia. The place is out doors with flies once a while buzzing around your food but The food is super cheap and believe me its super delicious " Home Cook meals " just what i needed and the view ain't bad too.
After lunch i checked out the wet market and did a little sight seeing. Before Sun down i decided to head back home.
It was a good day Today. 
Thank you God

Palm Sunday
Lunch in my Favorite Carinderia down South
Sisig, liempo, bulalo soup, rice with toyo, sili and a cold Beer.
Oh and the crowd in front its all the Customers and waitresses watching the Paquiao Bradley fight.  
Pig Heads in the Palengke about 20 meters away from where i was eating
The View from my Table ...

PBA Run for a Cause - 15 km

I rarely race on a Saturday but because the holy week is just around the corner, most of the good challenging races have taken the back burner for the meantime.  The only good race I found was the PBA run.

Since MOA/Roxas Boulevard is one of my favorite running ground, I basically opted to take it easy and just enjoy the run.  I  think I was enjoying too much that I noticed boyfriend Paolo C. was only about 400 meters behind and slowly catching up. Was I enjoying the race too much that i forgot my speed ? 

I noticed not many people joined the said race with an estimate of about 500 participants for the 15 kilometer distance. What was interesting though was that most of the PBA players did run the shorter distances. I felt like a dwarf as I passed them giants.  It was a good day for an easy Saturday run with time enough for an impromptu road trip and a scrumptious and hearty late lunch. Best part is, there was no pressure to sleep early on a Saturday night with no race on Sunday.... but I still did go on my usual run the next day. I guess old habits are just hard to break. 
Paolo c.
Icar H.
Day Walker
Road trip .... Food Trip

Pinoy Fitness SUB 1 - 10 km Race

Rarely do I join 10 km races but when you get to be my age, it seems the supposed fast twitch muscles in my legs seem to be turning into slow twitches so I think its time they needed a little waking up. 

Generally, it was a good "out and back" course which started near the BGC football field heading towards Kalayaan Avenue then turning back before we hit Malugay Street.  The up hills in Kalayaan Street really got the legs burning.  It was during the last 2 kms of the race when I heard Running Host, Boy Ramos' voice over the boom box announcing the clock time of 48 mins. This was only when I decided to pick up the pace and hoped to finish with a sub 55.  I clocked in at 54.52, still way beyond "puke pace" and way off my PR of 41 mins.  I am still quite pleased with my performance BUT maybe for my next 10 km race, I will aim to be less conservative and just go for it.

Congratulations Pinoy Fitness. It was a very good race.  
See you next year. 

Boyfriend Paolo C.
Tanya , Puker Friends and I
Hi Mars!
Hi Mia M!!!!!


Sometimes, when running is not enough to take out the cob webs in my head, there is a place I go to get some measure of peace and quiet.  For me, The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial has become an unexpected oasis providing a peaceful retreat not far from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I call this place my "SANCTUARY". 

It is a beautiful place, very quiet, clean, calm and peaceful. I enjoy walking through the sprawling grounds while looking at the white marble crosses that mark rows of graves of those who died during the war each one standing strong and proud. 

In the center of the cemetery you will find the Chapel with white walls and corridors that state the names of soldiers who have died in battle.  It is a powerful homage to the fallen U.S. and Filipino service men and women who fought valiantly together during WWII and which has been very well maintained through the years. 
The smell of nature is very relaxing, with it's well manicured lawns and Mahogany trees strategically scattered all around the cemetery. There is a sense of serenity in this place that calms the soul coupled with an overwhelming feeling of reverence giving one a chance to ponder and reflect all about life. 

At precisely 5 pm sharp every single day, the "Taps Bugle Call" is traditionally played over the PA system. This also marks the end of the day and the closing of the park thereby signaling for all visitors to finally leave the premises. Though I would prefer to stay a little longer, I leave the place feeling a bit lighter with a clearer head, a better disposition and thankful for being given a momentary place of refuge SANCTUARY. 

Yakult 10 MILER

This is the 25th year of the Yakult - 10 Miler series and the race organizer,  Mr. Rudy Biscocho , a veteran in his field, was also our race director for the Condura Skyway Marathon for 2008 and 2009.  Though not much improvement has been made to this race compared to the other more popular races in the country, I still make it a point to join every year because after 25 years, the Yakult 10 Miler is already an institution. If not for Yakult, I don't think the running boom per se would have evolved the way it has today. 

The race route was set along Roxas Boulevard which is a fast and flat course with only the flyover to give you that burn in your legs. Every finisher receives the standard finisher's shirt and 1 bottle of Yakult which has been the practice since it started in the late 1980's.  No more frills and not much hoopla which is perfectly fine by me because I feel thats what gives Yakult that old fashion dependable character.

It was a good race and I'm definitely going to run it again next year. 

" BF" Paolo carvajal
My long time running friend Oknoy P. Great to see you