Powerman Duathlon Clark Pampanga

Last year, I participated in the Powerman Duathlon (5km run-60km bike-5km run) Relay event with a friend. This year, I decided to go solo but only do the short event: 5km run-30km bike-5km run.  Despite decades of experience in racing, each one I join still gives me the jitters up to this day and this duathlon is no exception.  First of all, this is my first duathlon race and a lingering knee injury didn't make me feel quite confident about it.  Second, I felt that I may have a bit of a problem transitioning from the 30km bike to 5km run. I had no idea how my body would feel after and it's something I did not exactly train for.  Third, we were informed that the race start for our event would be at 7:45am. Though I usually complain about the extremely early race starts, I thought that the later gun start would find us participants racing under the scorching heat of Clark and would most likely be a factor in one's performance.  Naturally, my knack for overthinking situations sent my anxiety up the roof. My only game plan was to try my best to stay focused and pray that I just finish alive.

So the “horn" gun sounded exactly at 7:45 and we were off for the first leg, the 5km run.  I took it easy from the get go to conserve my energy. I was surprised that my body felt quite good so I decided to pick up the pace.  As expected, it was an easy transition from the 5km run to bike. The 30km bike route was great. We went around Clark and headed towards SCTEX which proved to be a bit of a challenge because of the headwinds and rolling hills. Then came the dreaded transition from bike to the last 5km run. Even if I still felt good, I took it easy for the first 400 meters but when my body seemed to be responding well, I again decided to pick up the pace. I went for a sprint on the last 400 meters and was ecstatic to finish strong with still so much energy left. 

The Powerman Duathlon 2017 was an eye-opening experience for me. All my nervous anxiety were for nothing. I was feeling really good. The knee was well-behaved. I must say I was extremely happy with my performance and the weather was even cooperative with an even mix of sunny & cloudy tempered with light cool winds. Sad to say, however, I didn't even get a decent tan after 2 hours under the sun. 

Dealing with an injury can often leave one in a rut yet we try to keep going. There are good days and there are bad days. For this race, it was a very good day. It felt really good to be in good form once again and confident enough to push myself and pick up the pace. I could almost  feel the old “runningshield" coming back. Perhaps with the proper therapy and a healthy mind set, I may just opt do a longer Duathlon event or who knows.... perhaps another marathon race in the near future. What was once was a dream is now evolving into a plan. Who knows what can happen if I just keep going. 

Congratulations to the PowerMan Organizer for yet another successful and well-thought out event. Loved every minute and you can count me in for next year! 
 Waiting for the " Horn " Start
 Done with the 1st leg. ( Run portion )
 Changing Area for the 2nd leg. ( bike portion )

The last portion, RUN  !!!! feeling Strong 
Sunset on Lahar Country
The Event Village - from Powerman FB.

Guess ;-)
Pics with some friends 


I had not planned on running the RUNRIO TRILOGY LEG 3 but BF, Paolo Carvajal,  was so “makulit”… 
so this time, I decided to just go with the flow...

The race started at the OKADA Hotel with a 4:45 gun start.  Before getting there, we took the service shuttle from MOA just like ordinary folks to the race venue.  The bus ride was actually fun which made us feel like grade schoolers going on a field trip.  We got to the venue an hour early and bumped into a few friends... a runner for the national team, a lawyer, and her running brother and found ourselves comfortably chitchatting and laughing away while waiting.  Because our little group was having such a great time, we somewhat decided to pace each other and stick together during the entire route even if our personal speed and distance specialty differed.  When  the “horn" gun was fired, we were off, running and enjoying ourselves.  The clowning around and exchange of banters continued during the race which threw off our pace a bit but it was clear that everyone was in on just having a good time. As for me, though I've lost some speed because of a lingering knee injury, I experienced no pain.. I had a better attitude and was just glad to run.  Because the "group" kept in pace, we more or less finished together with only a few minutes apart. I must say that 10k can go by like a breeze when you're having fun. 

They say the best things in life are the unplanned and what started out as just another race turned out to be a happy excursion.  Sometimes it's good to just go with the flow, put on a healthy attitude, have fun and just let life happen. 

P.S. Due to security reasons, the identity of runners in this group cannot be mentioned and shall remain anonymous... 😜

Me, Mervin Guarte - National Team for 800 and 1500 meters. and Paolo C.

Rick and Daughter 

Then and Now

16 years old 
220 lbs.
38 waistline

54 years old 
128 lbs.
30 waistline 


If there was one race I was not quite in the mood for, it had to be this race, "BrickRun 2017" at the MOA. Not because the race wasn't up to par. In fact, the BrickRun 2017 was quite excellently prepared; a well controlled race course with ample number of marshals, lots of hydration on the route, traffic properly managed by the organizer, and even the weather was perfect - cool and cloudy. 

My issues were not with the race but more of a personal nature. First off, the early morning race prep is getting quite difficult when you have to wake up at 2:30am for a 4:30am gun start. Second, my body didn't feel quite up to par prior to race day.  Nevertheless, I did not want to miss this race because I really do miss racing.  I guess it just was not one of my better "race days" but I was happy enough to finish the 16km run and mingle with old and new friends some of which I haven't seen in a while.  Despite the way I felt, I still try to develop an attitude of gratitude always. I am thankful and filled with appreciation for health and strength to still be able to run, thankful for the beautiful day and the people I interact with, thankful just for the experience. Rest assured I promise to make a better effort to be more "perky" on the next race even if I have to wake up at 2:30am...(Ugh!)   
With Boyfriend "BF" Paolo  C. 

My bunso Annie P.
MOA at night 

Resorts World " Run with me 2017 "

“Being able to complete a 10K Race Route in 1 hour or less has always been the ‘Holy Grail’ of most runners 
But today i just wanted to take it easy. 
I guess you can say I was not exactly in "race mode." All I had in mind was to enjoy, soak up some sun and sweat it out. All in all, I was quite pleased with my performance.
Till next race ...

P.S. : writer's mental block is present today