Jul 27, 2020

In Search for the Best Running Mask ( PART 2 )

Last June 17, I posted a brief review on face masks that are suitable for running during this time of the pandemic. In the review I mentioned that the JAPANESE  “PITTA” MASK was my top choice. 

The P29 FACE MASK is quite similar to the PITTA MASK since both are made off the same “polyurethane” material which means it’s high air permeability makes it easy to breath even while running at a fast pace. 
It also filters 99% dust and comfortable to use even after prolonged use. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is the P29 Antibacterial Copper-Coated Sports Mask claims to have a “ COPPER COATED LAYER “ which, according to the website Kills 99% Germs, Kills 99% Pneumococcus and Kills 99% S. Aureus (Kotiti Test). 
Cost wise, it is a bit pricey at P400.00 per mask but is washable and reusable for up to 50 times whereas the PITTA Mask only costs P99.00 for 3 pcs. and is washable and reusable up to 3 times. 
It is also important to note that though the copper coating claims to be anti-bacterial, it is not effective as an anti-viral protection against other viruses such as COVID 19. 

Since face masks are now mandatory, both the PITTA and P29 are my go to  “Running Masks“ at the moment. Though they may not offer 100% protection, I am pretty much satisfied with its performance while running. It is still important to practice safety protocols and safe distancing when outdoors. 

Note:  I am not a paid endorser for both  products.

Jul 1, 2020

Social Distancing Stickers

A few of my favorite ' SOCIAL DISTANCING STICKERS ' I've seen on my run. Creative and gentle reminders for the new normal.

Jun 17, 2020

In Search for the Best Running Mask

With the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus, it has now become mandatory to wear a Face Mask when in public.  Wearing a mask isn't a huge hassle for the occasional grocery run, but if you're running outside and with the heat and humidity in the Philippines,  wearing one can be quite a challenge.  So goes my journey in search of the best mask that’s suitable for this purpose.  

I have tried a few varieties of masks from buffs, bandanas, surgical mask, KN95 and the like made from materials ranging from polypropylene, cotton , polyester , nylon,  polyurethane etc.  From all that I’ve tried,  there is one  I found most suitable for running.  THE JAPANESE “PITTA” MASK. 

  1. For starters, made of polyurethane,  it’s high air permeability makes it easy to breath even while running at a fast pace. 
  2. The whole mask is highly stretchable which make it fit perfectly to the face and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without hurting the ears.  
  3. Even when drenched in sweat, I just take it off, give it a couple of good squeezes and I’m good to go.  It can also be washed and reused up to three times although I have re-used mine more times than that.  
  4. It is also affordable at P99.00 for 3 pcs.

Though it claims to cut 99% of all pollen, colds (germs), and dust particles,  the PITTA mask is NOT effective as a defense against the virus.  As a precaution,  I run alone and on routes where I can practice safe physical distancing.

So in pursuant to the mandatory face mask law and my effort to stay healthy and keep running during this pandemic,  this is my go to  “Running Mask“ for the meantime and I am pretty much satisfied with it. 

Note:  I am not a paid endorser for this product. 

May 30, 2020

On The Run for 40 Years

I thought I’ve been through it all... super typhoons, peaceful revolutions, coups d'é-tat, devastating earthquakes, major floods, volcanic eruptions but never did I imagine capping my 40 years of running in the midst of a pandemic.  It was difficult at first having to be told that you can no longer do most of the things you normally take for granted.  And it’s just the simplest of things...dining out with friends, walking in the park, attending mass, driving out of town and the hardest of all,  running outdoors. Such is the nature of this pandemic - it is unforgiving and it does not discriminate.  So while  there are those who took into seclusion,  I found ways to keep on running.  I found myself in  expansive rooftops, wide parking garages, long hallways, empty staircases while still in keeping with safety protocols.  This is my nature.  

Moving on to modified ECQ, we are now allowed little liberties - to exercise outdoors with a mask on which in itself poses new challenges but still no excuse to take this pandemic lightly.  Just finding ways to adapt and keep our mental well being intact.  

So 40 years have gone by and  117,512.78 kilometers after.  No matter what changes the world may go through,  I hope and pray that I can continue in this journey,  adapting if need be to a world disrupted and just keep on running.  

May 5, 2020

ASICS #PassYourSmileMovement

Here’s to all of us who’s fighting the good fight, who’s pushing forward, who’s in a community of positivity. Together, we shall overcome.  
Join us in the #PassYourSmilemovement!