RunningShield Mark - Boston 2010...2011....2012

RunningShield was here.
I would always leave my “Runningshield mark” in every new place I would run by knotting a string on a tree, electric post or whatever.
In Sept 2010 I left my mark in front of my daughters 1st dorm in front of Kerr Hall.
Year - 2010

Sept 2011 I ran past the same area and my mark was still there.
Year - 2011

A few days ago while completing a18 + km run I decided to pass by the same area to see my mark was still their and what do you know after 3 years “runningshield” mark is still present. :-)
I stop for a while and with a smile  I adjusted the string but just a little , I didn't want to move it around to much because after 4 seasons ( winter, fall, spring and summer ) for 3 years i am sure it may be a little brittle.
My daughter has a year left in Boston and I  do plan to run the Boston Marathon in a few years ( if I qualify ) Hopefully when I do come back next year and beyond the Runningshield mark will still be around. :-). Galing!
YEAR - 2012
Charles River Tree Tag 720 -Year 2011
Charles River Tree Tag 720 -Year 2012