Ink Convention

OK I have to confess I came to Boston not to really bring my daughter for work and schooling.
I came to Boston to attend the Boston Tattoo Convention ha ha.
The Tattoo convention is an annual event which is usual held in the Sheraton hotel which is across from the hotel where I’m staying.
The convention is really very interesting not only do you see the latest gadgets in Tattooing , body piercing etc. but the “ Tattooers “are artist in their own respect. ’ve seen all of their design very elaborate and must I say they are beautiful. They look more like paintings !! When you see the Tattooers, audience etc. you would be scared because they look like street gangsters, bikers and X cons but when you talk to them they are really nice people.
Some of them got to see the tattoo in my right arm and I got a few good compliments but mine look so tiny compared to what they had in fact 90 % of their body was covered with Tattoo and some sort of body piercing.
I was listening to a few conversation and a regular tattoo will cost you about $100. without tip.( Americans live for tips )
While an elaborate one can go up to $ 500 to $ 1000.
I wanted to get an additional Tattoo but couldn’t decide on the design I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year.

All ladies " Best Ink Contest" the 3 rd lady on the right won 1st place.
Her price a case of beer !