Nothing makes you miss running 
more than getting injured
 - from the book running is flying by paul e. Richardson

How do I begin… where do I begin  L.
I have been running 5 – 6 days a week and averaging about 100 km a week.
Aside that I was preparing for my usual end of the year marathon race.
My mileage was high because I REALLY REALLY REALLY ENJOY RUNNING !!!
Sometimes I can go on and on and the reason I would only stop is because I have to get ready for work or I am hungry.
But the past few weeks I could  feel a dull pain on the outer portion of my right foot.
I would mask the pain by taking pain killers and self-massages.
A few days ago while running I felt something “ Snap “ on the foot.
The pain was excruciating and I had to stop and stretch it out hoping that I can continue my run but the pain was still present that I decided to call it a day and wobbled home L.
I immediately applied ice, ultra sound and more self-massage on the affected area but the pain was still present. 
 I was walking like a duck.
This time I knew this injury was BAD !! In my years of running I’ve had all sorts of injuries but I could still run but this time I had extreme difficulty.
The ff. day I went to see Dr. Miguel del Prado. He told me it was a pulled tendon muscle and to apply ice and rest for a few days and I could run again after.
Doctors are good but at the end of the day it is “ ME” who will determine how bad the injury is and when I could run.
I decided to take a few days rest and I will try to do some fast walking, slow jogging and water running instead.
And if I do decide to join a race I will only race the shorter distance and I will go Penguin Pace !

This is really going to be a challenge for me because Running is my life !
In my years of running the most I have taken a break is about 48 hrs.
Even when I was injured I would still run.
I’m not that worried about my overall fitness but  I am worried more for my MENTAL SANITY.  
I’m afraid to turn in to a Jekyll, I am worried that I may be hit with depression
I am worried that i may commit murder :-o !!! 
if i am temperamental, moody , short fuse please excuse me it is not my character i am just low on Endorphin's. 
But with  lots of Prayers, patience and RATIONALITY  i believe i will survive.
I may even be a better runner.
Take note :
Joan Benoit won the Gold in the 1984 - Los Angeles  Olympics Women Marathon.
She had  knee surgery 17 days before the event.
I have hope.