The Ulimate RunningShield Mark

The Ultimate “ RunningShield Mark “
Before leaving Boston I wanted to again leave my mark.
Instead of the usual string around a tree what I did is I brought  the most “ worn out ” running shoes I had in manila with me.
I securely knotted the shoe string  together and in front of my daughters new apartment on Symphony corner Stephen. I chucked it high on a tree !!!!!
 It didn't reach top most branch as i wanted it to but I guess its high enough that no one can reach it.
Now that’s the “ Ultimate RunningShield Mark “.

I also told my daughter every time shes lonely just take a look at her Father running shoe tangled on a tree outside her apartment and maybe her loneliness will go away. cry cry
If your wondering its a Nike - Vomero i average about 1600 km on them already
just in case some homeless dude decides to get the running shoe. i tied a neon string outside her apartment