Miracle Man

RunningShield with "Miracle Man" Miguel del Prado

I was really desperate to get my left leg in A1 condition. Deep tissue massaging and stretching were a bit helpful, but I felt like I needed more treatment, and so I sought for professional advice. I consulted some of my running friends, and one of them recommended a Specialist by the name of MIGUEL DEL PRADO.
He is a Sports & Occupational Physical Therapist by profession, but they call him the “Miracle Man“. He is well known for miraculously diagnosing and fixing runners’ and athletes’ problems.
1. When I came to see him, he first asked me basic questions such as: “how many kms do i run in a week?”; “ What type of ground do i run on?”; “What shoes do i run with?”; “Do i stretch before and after running?”, etc.
2. He then asked me to lie down in the medical bed, and started doing a series of foot & leg stretching, pulls.
SCAR TISSUE has developed on the calf muscle of my left leg, due to the Achilles tendon bursitis on my foot.
He did a series of MAJOR stretching in my ITB, calves, ankles and foot. It was a bit excruciating, but tolerable.
After the treatment, it was amazing how my leg felt a lot BETTER, that I could actually move it freely without feeling any pain.
1. I can still RUN (THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!  )
2. I can still go for deep tissue massaging
1. Do a lot of stretching in my ITB
2. Do some calf muscle exercises using weights
3. 1 more session before race day.

Hopefully, this will put an end to my leg problems, and help me get back in top shape.
Thank you “Miracle Man”.
Thank GOD for using Miguel Del Prado as an instrument of your works.