2011 was a good running year.
I was able to run 4,508.67 km and participated in 14 races. ( breakdown below)
Unfortunately, I also got hit by 3 left foot injuries. March, July and November but in spite of it i was still running. I need my "Daily Highs".
But giving my age and Total mileage I should allocate more time in core exercises to develop the muscle and tissues of my foot and my gait.
I also have to replace my running shoe after 500km. The cushioning of the shoe really affects my overall performance.
I also had an eye injury.
The eye injury was because i did not wear my glasses and literally ran straight into a twig.

I had 2 highlight for the year :
1. I broke my Philippine Marathon PR time at the Condura Skyway Marathon 4:16:37
2. After 27 years i finally got to run abroad again. I ran the Malibu Marathon.
Thank you God for keeping me safe and looking forward to great 2012.

TOTAL DISTANCE FOR 2011 - 4,508.67 km.

Breakdown :
- Condura Skyway Marathon 42,195 km.
- Globe Run 21 km.
- NatGeo Run 21 km.
- Run with the Light 15 km.
- Run 4 Life 16 km.
- Grace to the finish 10 km.
- Takbo.ph RUNFEST 16 km.
- RizaL Run 16 km.
- Octoberun Festival 21 km.
- Anson's Mardi Gras! Run 15 km.
- Adidas King of the road 21 km.
- Malibu Marathon 42,195 km.
- M. Estuar Fund Racing event 10 km.
- Milo 21 km.

TOTAL DISTANCE FROM MAY 30,1980 TO DEC. 31, 2011 - 86,958.19 km