Im going Blind !

When I hit the age of 40
The first things to physically deteriorate from my body were my eyes.
I have such bad eye sight that when I run, I cannot see the numbers on my Garmin Watch anymore.
I have often tripped on pebbles and edges of speed bumps and I’ve also twisted my ankle numerous times.
I even remember in the Globe race last March 2011, I had numerous bloopers because of my poor eye sight.
I always remind myself to make an appointment with an eye doctor, and have a ‘Specialized Running Glasses’ made for me to avoid these bloopers and accidents.
But as always, for whatever reason, I would postpone it and not do it at all.
Or maybe because of my being a ‘Mr. Scrooge’, I just don’t want to spend at all.
But the “Eye Opener” (get it? “Eye Opener “) was when I went for a 20km run and literally ran straight into a twig that was hanging from an Acacia Tree. I did NOT see it at all, and just felt the twig poke my right eye.
I got the nastiest eye injury ever.
My eye was bleeding inside, my vision was blurred, and my eye lids started to close permanently.
I went to see a doctor and he told me the “Retina” of my eye got scratched. He prescribed an antibiotic eye drop and advised me to put an ice pack to minimize the swelling.
It took a good 10 days for my eye to fully heal.
I learned my lesson the hard way, so I immediately had made “Specialized Running Glasses“.
The lenses are Graded Transition Lenses which is made of plastic, plus the frame was also made of plastic, and so the glasses was very light. You can hardly notice you’re even wearing them.
I love the Transition lenses because it automatically adjusts to sunlight.
In my usual 4am run, the lenses are clear at first as it is still dark, and I can see the road very well. And when the sun starts to come out at around 6am, the lenses get darker & so my vision is protected from the sunlight. PERFECT!
Well, I had to learn it the hard way, but like I always say, it’s never too late.
Now, I’m glad I have my Graded running glasses not only are my eyes are protected but I can see well now.
But if for some reason I am running without my glasses and you wave to me and I don’t wave back its not that I’m being a snob... I’m just blind.
Injured Eye after i literally ran into an Acacia Tree branch
Specialized Graded Transition Running glasses