Malibu Marathon - Finish

I just finished the Malibu Marathon.
( Unedited version )

The Temp range was from 8 to 20C. Chilly and very sunny ! No Rain !
It was one of the toughest marathon races i have ever joined.
The first 10 km was run on flat open road with Celery, Strawberries, Cherry farms on the left and right side of the road.
But after that the remaining 32 km was run on the Pacific Coast highway and Zuma Beach.
The terrain was all roiling hills....
Sometimes the hills would stretch for about 4 km. while some where around was really a struggle
that i would have to walk several times on the really steep portions of the road.
my legs would cramp up but i just stayed focus and maintained my forms to not cramp up.

Funny moments :
1. In the Celery farm lands the " Mexican Farmers were all cheering us on in Spanish
( i wonder if they are illegal aliens ) :-).
2. When we were about to cross the rail road tracks the California Highway Patrol started shouting " Com om runners pick up the pace the TRAIN is coming ". On the corner of my eye on the right side i could see this Train i think it was traveling at 100 hour Yikes!
Do you think the train has any plans on stopping?? No way.
I literally dashed to the other side of the tracks to get out of its way. that was really scary.
3. Several times I wanted to "FART" so badly but with runners all around me i had to hold it. When a Mac Truck would pass by i would take advantage of the situation and FART it all out.

Lastly, as always in the start and finish of the race I "Cried". Running Marathons for me is very emotional because
i feel it is something i do the best in life.
Some people are good in business, Accounting, writing, drawing etc. but in my case i feel it is running.
Though i may not run as fast as before but in a Marathon race it doesn't matter how fast you run its finishing the race
that counts.
Life has so many obstacles but like a Marathon when you overcome this obstacle you have already won the game. The game they
call life.
This Marathon Race was dedicated to God !
Now for a nice light beer and a Cheese Burger :-).

- official Photos to follow

In hotel room, 10 Min's before leaving to go to the site and take the Event bus to take us to the starting line.
Waiting for the start. No rain Yah! but crispy cold.
5 Min's to gun start
DISTANCE : 42.195 KM.
PACE : 6:17 / KM.
FINISH TIME GARMIN ( less bathroom break ) : 4:27:30
FINISH TIME ( official ) : 4:28 :08
Warming down on Zuma Beach, Malibu
Celebrating with Ton a burger lunch and miller light beer.
A stogy to celebrate my Marathon Finish :-)