Happy Birthday Mom

It’s my Moms Birthday !!! she is ___ yrs old :-).

Sorry I can’t tell you her age.

One thing my mother taught me well is “never reveal a woman’s age unless you want to die early”.

But seriously my Mom still looks like she is in her 50’s.

I notice as one reaches there twilight years lavish parties all night drinking and extravagant spending is not important .What is important is FAMILY.

Last count we are a total of 29 ( Parents, Children , In- Laws and Grandchildren ).The family had dinner at Manila Polo Club which my mom really likes especially when we are all complete .

After Dinner we had a little Film showing of my parents in their younger days, 40th anniversary and our trips out of the country. It was nice to reminisce the past. The ironic thing is everyone looks Physically better now compared 10 years ago. Except for the men who have thinning hair. ha ha.

Mom, Happy birthday and may you have many more Birthday’s to come. We love you very much thank you for always being the best mother in this world and I promise ...... never to reveal your age :-).

Mom's Birthday Cake
With Dad and Mom
Cake blowing time
My daughter Cesco tried her best to make a portrait of my mom ( her first attempt ) and Patricia prepared a beautiful Poem for Lola that is comparable to mother nature.

In the days that passed like tumbleweeds

Bone-dry, tangled bodies sifting sand in

Desert spaces like the shuffling of hands;

I watched you build from cactus flowers,

Siphon water and aloe from your sacred body,

Mix stubborn clay with strengthened hands.

I watched as, patient, silent in your craft,

You kneaded sunlight into walls and beds,

Into cups for their mouths and shoes for their feet

Until your fingerprints took on a brownish hue.

From your hair you sewed their clothes and dreams;

Hunting nightmares with arrows dipped in

Wisdom tapped from the color of your eyes.

Your footprints in the sand turned to lakes in the spring.

With your nails you cut valleys for shadow and shelter.

And with bare fingers and bare toes,

Dressed in the furs of the wild you had conquered,

You lay in the sun, waiting for the rains

To slowly turn your skin to green

TO : Lola Menchu
Patricia Francine Concepcion
July. 14, 2011