Globe Run for Home Part 1

If I’m not mistaken the Globe Run for home is on its 4th Running year. This is the first time my Wife – Mabu – and I will be joining this event. We usually join the Yakult Run which also falls on the same date, but we decided to join the Globe run instead because we wanted to race a different route. This race passes the Makati Business district in Ayala Center. Exciting!!!! I call this race my “BLOOPER RACE” because of the following:

Blooper no.1:

I was casually walking to the Starting line for the 21k when I heard the Emcee’s voice on the loud speaker counting - 10 9 8 7 6 5….. The race was about to START! I immediately rushed to the starting line without my usual pre-race ritual and sped off. Apparently the Gun Start was at 5am, but in the Race Map it says 5:15am. I was literally the LAST MAN out of the 21k starting Coral.

Blooper no. 2:

Roughly about 2 kms in the race, my left (injured foot) landed on a pot hole where I twisted my left ankle.. AGAIN.

Blooper n0. 3

After another 1 km., Again, my left foot landed on another pot hole. Shit!!!

Blooper no. 4

After another 1.5km, AGAIN, my left foot landed on another pot hole! I thought, What the “F” is wrong with my left foot??!! It was like a magnet that gets drawn to pot holes or sharp rocks! Blooper no. 5

I tripped on a speed hump and almost landed flat on my face, but I was saved from the bad fall when I smacked my left hand right on this guy’s face and was able to gain back my balance! How embarrassing! I think I said SORRY to him 4 million times. To whoever this guy is “I'm SORRY again “. Now, that makes it 4million and 1 times.

I quickly composed myself and said , “wait a minute….wait a minute blooper after bloopers.. enough already.“ I immediately took control, focused on the race and got into my racing zone. It was smooth sailing till the finish line . Thank God! I finished in a pretty good time in spite of my consecutive Bloopers.

My wife-Mabu-did fairly well too, considering she got cramps and did not train properly prior to the race. ( details to follow on Globe Run Part 2 ).

Picture in the Parking lot 15 Min's before Gun Start.100 meters to the finish line !

Landed on a Pot hole 4 times !

Tripped on a speed bump 1 time !

Marie B. and Mabu 200 meters to the finish line.Jonel, Craig and Family, Jayson and TedGreat friend Wilbert who arrived from Seattle a few months agoMar and his FamilyJason , me and Mar. ( Runners in Shades )Post race Breakfast at " Grams " Rockwell

Would you believe the 2 maria's are having a mojito drink at 9am