Run 4 life 2011.....updated

The Local weather bureau said this Summer Season will be short but still definitely a scorcher. Averaging 33c in temperature and 80% humidity, because of this announcement I think race organizers should consider moving the Gun start from 5:15 am to maybe 4:30 am. This is important so the race will be fun and comfortable not only for the beginners but for the veterans as well.

I don’t really mind running in the heat or under the sun but as a precaution I bring a bottle of water with me to avoid dehydration. I notice after a 15km run I can lose about 4 lbs of sweat and when I’m dehydrated I literally go deaf. So if you see me in a run and attempt to say Hi! But I Do not respond it is not that I am being snobbish it is because I am dehydrated already and I'm already deaf!

The reason my wife and I decided to join the Run 4 Life race is because its only 10 minutes away from our home which means we can sleep a little longer and we can also use the Toilets at home J.

I also told my wife and her running friend Marie B. to down grade from the 16k event to the 10k event as a precautionary measure because the heat may affect her health especially that disastrous race she experience during the Nat Geo race last April 2011.

I love the Race route especially when we passed the Festival Mall basement parking. Something different. Overall it was a good race with adequate Procari and water supply and best of all the volunteers and Police Marshal's really did a good job controlling the traffic. I notice the motorist in the south are more runners friendly compared to the motorist in Makati City. We enjoyed the race and will definitely do it again next year.



Distance : 16 km

Time : 1:19:25


Distance : 10 km

Time : 1:43:58