NatGeo run 2011

This was the first time I joined a NatGeo Race. I signed up for the 21k event. I purposely did not join last year’s event because they only had a 5 and 10k race distance at that time. For this year’s race, I heard from the organizers that a total of 10,300 runners signed up, compared to last year’s 4000 runners. And I believe the reason why a lot of runners supported the NatGeo race 2011 was because of their advocacy in saving mother earth.
The race was very well organized and as always there were plenty of hydration along the route. NatGeo also had personalized drinking cups, cool!
I had a good run especially that my left foot injury was not so bad anymore. I can basically run without so much pain. The only thing I did not like about the race was there was this guy who was literally sticking to me like a glue from the 10 km to the 17th km mark! He WAS WAY WAY INSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE!
He would position himself half a step ahead or beside me, that if he stopped abruptly or made a sudden turn, I would surely kiss the pavement. To avoid him, I swung to the left of the road... he followed me… I swung to the right of the road… he would still follow me… I would pick up the pace… he would stick to me… I would slow down my pace.. and guess what? .. he would still stick to me! I was really getting irritated that I wanted to give him a karate chop, but instead, I told him very nicely,
“Please don’t stick too close to me”. But I guess he did not hear me or maybe even pretended not to hear me. I told myself, “ F!%&*/ this guy “!!!
I turned on the juice and blew him away that he could NOT catch up with me. When I crossed the finish line, I look back and he was nowhere to be seen. The good thing about encountering runners like this guy is you get to push yourself to run faster, and you discover how your mind and body reacts especially when your temper start flaring up.
My wife – Mabu also signed up for the 21k event, which was supposed to be her very first 21k race. She really trained well for it, and was mentally prepared as well. But the night before the race, disaster struck and whatever she ate for dinner, she threw up. And so, she wasn’t properly hydrated and lacked enough carbohydrates and energy to run a 21k event. But despite of how she felt, she decided to still run the 21k event, and managed to reach around the 16km point. She kept on vomiting on the race route and had to be assisted by the LifeLine Ambulance because her blood pressure dropped.
She wanted to finish the race but the Lifeline doctor said , “No it would be dangerous for her health. Don’t worry Babe’s There will be other 21k events to conquer. What’s important is your safe.
There are races you prepare for but don’t do well and there are races you don’t prepare for but do well.
There are also runners who just don’t know there place in a race. But instead of letting it affect you. You should use it to your advantage to become a smarter runner and to become a better person.
I will definitely run NatGeo 2012. Race Distance - 21km
Actual Race Distance ( Garmin ) - 21.21km
Pace - 5.12/ km
Time - 1:50:26
Few minutes before start time

No Peking Duck today :-(
Running Friends Below

Runners Runner Photo team. Jack S. and Imelda M.