Jul 8, 2019

FIT & FUN Wellness Buddy Run 10 km Race

I was originally going to run the  JCI “Run for the Mountain “ race at McKinley West but somehow, somewhere, something got screwed up.  A bit frustrated, I just decided to run the FIT & FUN WELLNESS BUDDY RUN instead which in my opinion,  was a better choice.

For starters, it was great to run again with my running buddy “Jrl Running” having done our first Buddy Run in 2017.   
What was frustrating was that, though we checked in early, we got caught up sitting around making kwento that we started late.  Upon realizing our mistake, what was suppose to be a planned easy pace, chill run turned out to be a fast pace, “habol” to the finish scenario just to make up for lost time.  
But all is good. The increased pace was good to wake up the fast twitches in my leg and luckily, my problematic left knee behaved.  Even with the late start, we surprisingly made good time.  

Secondly,  the lootbag in the Robinson’s Buddy Race is always something to look forward to and I didn’t even mind lining up for it. 

Lastly,  its always good to see good friends in these events and more importantly, having fun at the same time... despite the major blunder on our part... 
Thanks again Jrl Running for pushing the pace with me.