Clark Animo Marathon year 7

i like my race bib no .

Running and racing out of town is something I look forward to. Having a chance to support a race organized by ones' Alma Mater at the same time is an added perk.  This past Sunday, I finally got the opportunity to run the 21km event of the Clark Animo Marathon 2016 held at Clark Free Port Zone in Angeles,  Pampanga.  Now on it's 7th year,  this race is dubbed "Green Run for a Green Cause" where its proceeds of the event will go to the Angeles Watershed Project. It also gave me a chance to rack up some race mileage in preparation for 2 big races happening on the first half of the 2016. 

Clark Field is very much in the mainstream of modernity and the concrete road and rolling hills was murder on the legs but overall it was a good course and a quite organized race.  The wide open spaces and very limited traffic is always a good thing with some unusual sights along the race course that made for an interesting experience. After all, coming across a fighter jet at the Clark Field Airport revving up it's engine is not something you see everyday. It was quite an awesome sight but also a deafening experience; the closest I got to TOP GUN moment. 

Glad to have supported the Alumni Association in one of their projects. Marking this race on my calendar for next year. 
Animo La Salle! 
Clowning around with Sabby Ow and the TBR herd :-)
 Tanya C. thanks for the pace.
 The Nicest Ultra Runner in the Bundoks  Tin F.
 Paulo M.
Ricky , Tanya and I 
Congratulations to us weirdo's :-)
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