Rizal Mountain Run 2016

I love running the trails and joining the Rizal Mountain Run last Feb 28 was exactly what I needed. Though not very far from the San Mateo Landfill, the trail route itself was quite scenic. The lush greenery combined with the cool weather made for a good trail race experience. There were about four river crossings along the race route which wasn't that tough but still quite slippery. Traumatized by a nasty fall during a race last year while climbing the waterfall portion ( that resulted in my first ever "DNF" ), I took extra precaution crossing the rivers this time for fear of a repeat.  As expected, there were a lot of inclines and uphills which I love and found myself flying on the trails like a child again; leisurely running and skipping through the path, just soaking up the scenery and having a joy-filled time. So engrossed was I that I neglected to notice a barbwire on ground which ripped my Asics shoes!  Just one of the hazards of running the trails but definitely a good excuse to buy new trail shoes.

The Rizal Mountain Run is one of the best trails I have run thus far.  I loved every minute of it and finished with a wide grin on my face. My only regret is not signing up for the 30km event instead 15km. Given the chance, I just may take another trip to this neck of the woods and explore the trails on my own... perhaps to break-in my new trail shoes but this time, exercising more caution and staying clear of random barbwires along the path. 
Congratulations to the Organizers and thank for the warm welcome.
Love the Trails. 
Enjoyed the Race. 
Will definitely run it again. 
Congratulations to the Organizers. Next year again 
Iron Iris our talkative :-) host  and Ahon cofounder  Ronald D.
Who is that :-) . Hey Tin
Carl A.
The Route !
Below are pictures from Rizal Mountain Race FB.
Picture taking had to take a back Seat while i raced.
Sharing the Beauty of the Race Route.
A nice Mango ice cream after the race