Pre Birthday Alone Time with a Twist

The weekend before my birthday i usually go on my Sabbatical Trip.
This a Trip where i get away from the city to be by myself, “My Alone Time”.
During my Alone time i would Run as far and as long as i can , Eat , sleep , read and get some writings done.
I also like stepping out of the box and be a bit more adventures in food tasting, sight seeing and just basically blending in with the locals.

But for this  “Alone Time“ the situation took a little twist .
First I met a sweet old lady. We made quento while having lunch in a filipino restaurant  called “canto” and believe me she ate more than i did.
I also met 2 kids in the park which i shared my chocolate almonds with, I never got to ask their names but we talked about they're schooling and life up north.
I also decided to watch a movie alone called “ London has Fallen “. Very violent movie but believe me i enjoyed every minute of it .
i hope nobody heard me scream like a girl every time a gory scene would happen. 
But what really capped this trip is I got a chance to play with a Cute Labrador on the beach. We ran on blazing sand while the waves chased us.
Dogs really heal the soul. 

The Best  Pre Birthday Trips i have ever had.