Tnf 100 - Singapore

Prior to race day, the "Haze" situation in the region had gotten so bad with PSI readings reaching unhealthy levels that a few sporting events were forced to cancel like the famous Standard Charter Kuala Lumpur Marathon.  With haze readings fluctuating the week before TNF,  I feared the same for this race.  No definite announcement was ever issued by TNF except for this notice given 2 days before:

PSI readings less than 100: race will proceed.
PSI readings between 100 to 150: race distances will be reduced.
PSI readings hits 151 and above: race will be cancelled.

Luckily, the PSI reading on race day was 85. TNF 100 Singapore was a go. 

We had an 8am race start at the Macritchie Reservoir which, I thought, was quite late for a race.  The race route was relatively easy; no killer hills, no lake crossings, no muddy trails. It was having to cope with the extreme humidity which Singapore is known for that proved quite a challenge. It was so humid that I already consumed about 2 litters of water and still felt dehydrated.
Another thing that we runners had to contend with were the monkeys. Yup, monkeys!  We were informed to expect them
along the race route and were strongly advised not to stop, feed or socialize with them in any way because they have a tendency to grab your hydration bottles, cellphone or worst, even scratch you.  I actually have a fear of monkeys so I'm sure there won't be any form of socializing going on.  I did, however, bump into Philippine Trail Champion, Manolito Divina, along the race route who joined the 50km distance.  He hollered my name at one time asking if I had food to spare.  I did not hesitate to help him out and handed him my  “Sports beans”.  Of course,  I think I paid the price for that because I was dead low on energy during the last few remaining kilometers.  The sun was shining in full force when I crossed the finish line and I felt extremely relieved that the race was over.  If I ran any longer I probably would have been another statistic of "runners brought to the hospital due to dehydration".  So note to self: on the next trail race, it never hurts to be better prepared. 

I love to travel and I love to run and combining the two - to be able to run in different places local and abroad is definitely a treat.  Singapore is one such place that's safe to run and equally fun to explore.  Until my next running Adventure....

Thank you TNF 100 - Singapore.       
Monkeys on the race route.
Steak, Salad and a Glass of white wine, post race meal .
Blue Rice with Duck Laksa 
Breakfast of Champs :-) 
ha ha !