Run for the Aspins

Prior to race day, Typhoon Lando, a Category 4 storm was fast approaching Metro Manila.
I was expecting a cancellation from the race director but no notice was given prior to race day.  When I got to the race venue at the Camp Aguinaldo Grandstand, the rain and wind was not that strong and again was advised that the race would proceed. 

The route for the 15 km event comprised of two rounds inside the Camp.  But on the first round I already noticed that the rain was getting stronger and the wind started to pick up. I was a getting a bit worried that a tree branch would just suddenly snap and hit me on the head or some roofing would just fly off and dece schedule for “Run for the Aspins”  will be on Dec. 13,2015  at the same Venue. 
I cant wait
Typhoon " Lando " 

With Boyfriend " Paolo C"
Best running family 
Chad , Natasha Davis and kids.