Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon 2015

I was out of the racing scene for a good three months so admittedly, I was a bit nervous coming into this race. It almost felt like being a newbie again but after doing some warm ups and getting my bearings, I finally got into the groove of the moment and all became familiar again. 

The race started 5:30am at Alviera-Sand Box in Porac, Pampaga.  We snaked through  steep fire trails, some dirt roads and single track trails heading towards the falls.  The course itself was not that difficult but what proved challenging was getting my footing right while traversing through the mossy (slippery) rocks and muddy terrain.  Highlight of the race was reaching the falls which was an awesome sight.  It was so hard to resist NOT taking a few pics and giving in to a quick dip in the cool inviting water --- which I did.  Refreshing as the experience may be, I had to cut it short and get on with the race. As I started to climb up the hill heading for the finish line, I took a moment to look back at the awesome sight of the Miyamit Falls from above and just suck in the view.   As the morning progressed, it was getting really hot that I had to continuously consume water and gatorade to stay hydrated.  I crossed the finish line at around 9am and was pretty surprised to learn that I came in at 11th place.

Despite my three month break, I never lost my love for racing and the challenges it brings most especially on trail races where you never know what to expect. Aside from the challenges, there is also the element of being in and around nature that somehow touches you in different ways like 
experiencing the beauty of the Falls and capturing magnificent mountaintop views. It always leaves me with a sense of awe and best of all,  its free! 

  Miyamit Falls     
  A quick dip before heading back to the Finish Line. :-)
Beauty of the Trails 
The Locals "Aeta "under a Tree. 
Slippery Rocks on the Race Route.
Now thats what i call an " Aid Station " with a Fantastic View .
Thank you Clark- Miyamit Trail Race for the Pictures.
With Race Organizer  - Tin F. 
Women's First Placer as Always :-) Icar Hiponia
Benji. :-) you have to invite me to your restaurant soon . 
 Renel D. mine nalang your Bandana 
My Stupid look 3 kms remaining to the finish line. 
Hey Benji move your Butt :-)