There is a place north of Manila that I call my 
Shangri-la.  No, it does not look or even come close to the Shangri-la we all know but it doesn't matter because it is 'my' Shangri-la. 
In my Shangri-la, I run in the woods, climb mountains and sometimes do a little sightseeing.  It is a place I spend time by myself with myself.  If by some dreadful circumstance I got lost or fell and break a leg, I probably would not be found.
But then again, maybe that is why I call it my
Shangri-la... because I do not want to be found.
 Cabuyao Relay Station
Korean : Mickey Mouse Ears.
Pinoy : La Presa. 
My Time in the Woods  
 The "Anvil" really caught my attention.