It is Safer

Its been a while since I've last joined a Race.  If I’m not mistaken, it's been close to three months already but it's not because I've lost interest in Racing. In fact, I do have a very hectic race schedule for the last quarter of the year.  For now, I just really look forward to my weekend getaway trips that allow me to run and explore some new mountain trails or beach coast lines. Once in a while, I interact with the locals and try out their sweet and savory delicacies. I am often pleasantly surprised how delicious and reasonable priced they are. 

Some would say that I’m an introvert but I just like my alone time..... It is Safer .

“ I like being alone. I enjoy my own company. I am satisfied Running the Trails far from any other human being. For me loneliness is the desirable state. Solitary confinement,  a touch of heaven. I am never bored ". 
- Dr. George Sheehan ( Running and Being ).
Fields of Gold 
In the Bushes
River Crossing 
 My very own "Aratilis Hydration Drink "
Baon for my long runs in the Boonies 
Kilawin na Kambing ( Goat ) and Kalderetang Kambing for Lunch. 
 Bulalo in a Karinderia 
  I prefer White Corn compared to the Japanese Sweet Yellow Corn
 Dried Fish
 Fish Anyone 
 Korean Appetizers 
Went American for Dinner
Greasy Bacon Burger and Twister fries.