Running Tales # 2 : Jeepney

I love Jeepneys.  I love the iconic vehicles' vibrant artwork, colorful designs, the retro signboards, gleaming accessories and airbrushed or stickered art that dresses a chunky piece of metal with unmistakable personality making each jeepney unique.

But I hate Jeepney drivers! In my opinion, they have no discipline. They are usually a consistent cause of traffic in the metro and
have no respect for the safety of their passengers, pedestrians and runners alike.

It was under the SLEX / Edsa flyover when a Jeepney driver suddenly cut me and almost clipped my left elbow.  I wanted to tell him off but thought otherwise thinking that the effort would be just a waste of time and energy.  So I just let it go and continued on my run.  Then, moments later,  I see the same Jeepney - the one who had just brazenly cut me off - pull up beside me.  I was expecting a verbal confrontation  and preparing myself for it until the Jeepney driver said, "Boss ! Sorry po. Di ko sinasadya..." and then simply sped away.

That's why I hate Jeepney drivers because just when you think you know them, there is that ONE that messes with your head and leaves a smile on your face.