New York City Marathon 2014

Often in our lives we have to go out and find opportunities for ourselves.  But every so often an opportunity just seems to fall out of the sky and right onto your lap.  Joining the NYC Marathon has always been a dream of mine but having been turned down a couple of times before, I simply gave up the cause and figured that the NYC Marathon would be just that - a dream.  An unexpected email, however, changed all that when last August, ASICS PHILIPPINES  c/o Sonia Trading President Mr. Anil Buxani asked my brother Ton and I if we would like to represent ASICS Phils. to run the TCS-NYC Marathon.  A few months prior,  I had already been scouting around for good marathons to run before year end. Never did I foresee that I would be given a chance to run the no.1 marathon in the world.

Just when you think all is lost, it somehow helps to be reminded that once in a while dreams do come true and that life can often throw an unexpected surprise. So today it's the NYC Marathon... tomorrow, who knows. With the right mix of patience, persistence and even a little bit of luck, we can find the opportunities that inch us closer to achieving our dreams.

On a final note, as much as I am filled with excitement come race day, my thoughts are still with you constantly.  Baby, this  NYC Marathon is for you.  You are one dream that I shall never give up on
I Love  you always….
I Love you forever.....