ARC - 32 km. Run

Its "A Runner's Circle" Manila 4 th Year Anniversary. To celebrate the Special event, they organized a 32km Community Long Distance Run which starts at Tarnate Cavite, goes towards  Kaybiang Tunnel ( near Pico de loro ) and back to Tarnate Cavite. 
My brother Ton warned me about the route because I might wreck my knees. He has biked this route several times and its an extremely hilly and winding course.
As most of the runners say, the route is like that famous tagalog song, "spaghetti pa taas nang pa taas at pa baba nang pa baba."
Craving for an out of town race and 1 more long run before my first Marathon for 2014, I decided to go for it.
I have only one word to describe the ARC 32 km Race Route - "BRUTAL"!!  But I loved every minute of it.
What was unexpected is that I finished in the Top 15 position. Not bad for a 51 year old man. Ha ha.
Thanks Jeffery P. For the picture 
The 3 master Senior Runner.
Ruben Chong, Victor Ting  and I. We may be old but we placed in the Top 20.
With our muse Rhina S. and Master Vic Ting.

My good friend Henry 
Turn around Point is 1.5 km After the Tunnel
Ang apat na matanda nag quequentuhan tungkol sa chicks ! Ha ha