A few weeks ago I was badly injured.  I pulled my right inner calf muscle and strained my left foot. Though I would  still run 5 to 6 times a week, I was running in pain.  I eventually decided to seek professional help with INTERCARE  and Martin Camara  where in I underwent several sessions of major therapy and body alignment. After the first few sessions,  I already felt my legs (and runs)  getting better though not yet fully recovered. So going into the PSE BULL RUN,  my game plan was to simply take it easy and just basically cruise  the course.   Surprisingly, my legs felt really good so I decided to change my game plan and just  go for it.

The race was perfect. Weather was nice and cool. I estimate only about 2000 runners ran the 21k  which eliminated the need for zigzagging on the course. There were a lot of inclines which I like and  hydration was abundant all throughout the course.

I gave myself a push on the last 3 km and when I finished, not only did my legs feel good, it seemed like they still had a little bit of  steam left in them.  Even better, I finished with a Sub 2 !!! I know its still way off from my personal best but I'm  happy.  I am hoping that  after a few more  sessions with INTERCARE, maybe this 50-year old body can  eventually hold its own against the younger boys !

Congratulations to the Organizer - Maryann Ringor. Will see you next year.   Looking forward to a better and faster race. 

Running Friends