Financial Fitness Run - 21 km

This was one race I did not want to miss because part of the race route was set in the heart of Makati or better known as the Central Business District  (CBD).
It is very rare that races are run in this area possibly because of the amount of traffic control involved for both runners and motorists (or the risk of some intoxicated drivers coming out from bars at the wee hours of the morning). It was a flat and fast route with about 3000 runners in the 21 km distance race. For the first time, and a rather unusual twist, trophies were given to all 21 km finishers in lieu of the usual medals. 

Just like the previous race,  I am extremely happy with my performance. It's been a long time since I've finished 21 km races below sub 2 consecutively. 

My weekly therapy with INTERCARE must really be paying off.  I had gone for another myotherapy session the day before the race and also added the "ICCS" therapy wherein they stretch your legs to the limit which is good for someone who's legs are as tight as a pretzels.   Aside from the therapy, the nippy weather was also a plus in boosting my performance.
Now that my legs are almost 100% OK, maybe its time I go for my first marathon in 2014.  :-).
Thank you God.

Finish time 1:55:39

With Boyfriend " Paolo C."
Mish M.
Noel C.

Peach Tamayo
Ohmar Garcia
Edwin Ramos
RoMar B.