Fix Me !

After running for more than 3 decades with an accumulated mileage of 96,507.91 km and given that I'm already 50 years old, a "little" pain and discomfort in running is pretty much the norm.
Just last week I got hit with a major right calf muscle pull. It was so bad that I was walking with a limp for days.  I would also be adjusting my gait when I run just so to compensate and lessen the pressure on the problematic leg.  In addition, it seems that the current cold spell we've been having  lately would only exacerbate the pain.  So I decided it was to time for some PROFESSIONAL intervention.

Hello INTERCARE.  After the usual "what  seems to be the problem" type of questions by the receptionist,  I started with a 45 min myotherapy session.   It was so excruciating  that I lost track of how many times I uttered the " F " or  " S " word.  With that session over,  I then consulted with another doctor regarding a rehab program that was suitable for me. Then came the fun part " Rock TAPE "
 Taping.  It always looks so  easy when done by a professional.  As for me, I could never tape myself right.   It would either be too loose or too tight.  Last to see me was Dr. Martin Camara himself.   After a short chit chat on running and discussing what appropriate treatment I could undertake in order for me to be a more efficient runner, he then proceeded to work his Chiropractor magic on me.   After a few twists, turns, cracks and pops,  I have to say my leg felt pretty good.  So good in fact that I was immediately able to go on my usual long runs the following day ---- against doctors orders of course....shhhh. 

I guess to summarize my experience at INTERCARE, I think its time for me to accept that  for this body to keep up with the younger ones, extra special attention should be given to the legs.  At the same time I should also imbibe a program that would allow me to run better and injury free ---- that is if I aim to be running till the day I die.

i was the one who put the "rock tape kinesio" myelf :-) not bad eh !