Condura SkyWay Marathon 2014


These 6 words kept on ringing in my head  when I woke up this morning.  These 6 words were the final words that the Host would say just before Gun Start at the Condura Skyway Marathon (CSM).  Maybe some of you may have forgotten but Ton, the CSM Team and I certainly have not.  Today, February 2, would have been the launch date of the CONDURA SKYWAY MARATHON 2014. 

As I went for my usual morning run ( RAN 19.30 KM TODAY ), I could see the Skyway just above the horizon and I can feel a little bit of nostalgia creeping in.  I gather the Team would be at the CSM village in Filinvest hard at work making all the necessary preparations ensuring that the event would run smoothly.  I picture 14,000 runners filling up the SKYWAY each one aiming to fulfill their individual dreams. 
I imagine myself running the Marathon Event, cheering all the runners and congratulating them as they cross that finish line just like any "running ambassador" would.  
And then there's  my brother TON with his bright yellow Vespa plying the race route keeping an eye on all runners and all stations, making sure that everything is in place and nothing goes wrong.  

We are deeply saddened by the fact that we could not push through with the CSM for this year however its time  move on. The brainstorming has began and the team is fired up. Preparations for 2015 are well underway and after this setback, we are determined to succeed with one sole basic goal - to make 2015 the best CSM ever. 

So see you all in 2015 and