Subic International Marathon 2013 - 21km

I ran the Subic International Marathon ( SIM ) last 2013  and had a wonderful time so I decided to run the 21 km again for 2014. This is also my second out of town race for the year. 

I have always considered Subic my 2nd home not only because of its beaches, fresh air, the hilly running route, the abundance and variety of eating choices ( Chinese, American , Pinoy , Indian, Korean, etc ) but most of all its endless Duty Free Shopping.  The Race Start was brought back to Remy Field instead of last years Harbour Mall.  I much prefer Remy Field because it has that “You are a Runner" kind of vibe.  The Race for the 21 km started on time and the weather was quite chilly especially when the breeze was coming  from the mountains. Super loved it ! 
 For this year the Race Route was also a bit more challenging. It extended all the way down to the  bottom of the mountain near Gate 2.  Of course, what goes down must eventually come up which made my legs burn.  Call me crazy but I do prefer the uphills rather than the down hills. It was a fast course and the cool weather did help my performance without any need for hydration. Come to think of it, I haven't been drinking much water during my races lately : - ) But most of all I did not  not feel so much pain on my problematic left foot .
Looks like its on its way to recovery !!! 

I really had a wonderful time in Subic  especially bonding with my  “Lover Boy”  Paolo Carvajal ha ha and his wife Pauline. Can't wait for another out of town Race. Out of town races just seem more relaxing....

Partners in Kalokohan 
Stella P. me and  Paolo C.
Running Friend " Jrl Running "
JaMar  - Robie Strong Friends.
Running Friends ... ok who is the odd one in the group :-).