The ideal running weight formula for men is Height ( inches ) x 2 = ideal running weight. In my case its 65 inches x 2 = 130 lbs.

My body weight usually hovers around 126 to 128 lbs. When I'm in this range, I feel pretty good and light which is also good for my running. If I go above my ideal weight range, I tend to feel somewhat sluggish especially on my runs.

During the holidays, however, my appetite got the better of me and I "indulged" on a lot of my fave "calorie packed" foods.
By indulge I mean I ate like a person being granted his last meal before he is to be taken to the gallows for hanging.  I'm not exactly sure how much weight I gained....all I know is that my shirts have gotten more "body hugging" and my jeans were getting uncomfortably tight.   My daily runs were a bit of a struggle as well carrying on the extra pounds. 

So the holidays have come and gone and we are already three weeks into the new year yet I still find myself struggling to get back to my ideal weight range. My running mileage is still pretty good but I guess the age factor also makes it more difficult to bring down the pounds plus my nagging left foot injury is back. And maybe...just maybe...I still haven't curbed the big appetite I developed over the holidays. (Tsk Tsk)

I can remember back in the day when weight has always been an issue being a young teen packing in a hefty 220 pounds even way before I discovered running. Though circumstances are different now, I am determined just as I was then to lose the the extra pounds  not only because it makes me feel good but makes my running better...and when I run better, LIFE IS GOOD!

So, the struggle continues .... always bearing in mind that "I know I am just a day a way from where I want to be ".