Aerotropolis SCTEX 21 km

My first Target Race for 2014 is the Aerotropolis SCTEX 21 km Race in Clark, Pampanga. Thought it would be a good race to start the year... somewhere out of the city for a change. This would also be my first time running the SCTEX. I have run the Cavitex, Slex and Skyway but never the SCTEX. The last time I was in Clark was in 1997. So much of it has changed now. Gone are the endless Duty Free Shopping Complexes and I have to say the place looks pretty much abandoned already.

The course was excellent - nice rolling hills, no cars, no traffic. We runners had the road all to ourselves. Weather was chilly and sunny which made for a comfortable run but the best part about the race was the awesome view - Clark airport on one side , Mount Arayat on the other and the row of girly bars on another :-). Congratulations to the organizer, Jimboy Tayag, who did a pretty good job on this one.

I did not break any PR on this race. In fact, I was running a little slower than normal due to my nagging left foot pain again. I couldn't pick up the pace without feeling it twitch but thats ok. Give it a few weeks and I know I will be back hungry as ever and hopefully no more pain.

I made the right choice making the Aerotropolis SCTEX 21 km Race my first race for 2014. I hope the organizer will offer a marathon for next year. I'm definitely in. 
with Tanya Cortez
with Mj Jamisala
with Gumby ( interesting name )
with Jason Basa 

Jay Pagcu and TEAM TSAPSUY

Adrian Bauto and Brother :-)
Thank you Adrian Bauto for the pics:-)