Lazy Crazy Sunday

 It was just another lazy Sunday morning, a designated REST DAY after my 32.35 km run the day before. Though my legs still felt a bit stiff, I make it a point to hear mass before meeting my family for our regular Sunday lunch. 

As I was walking towards the church, just 50 meters from the church door,  a Toyota Rav 4 suddenly side swiped me. The car hit my right arm, grazed my leg and then I felt the FRONT and REAR tire go over my foot !  People around who witnessed the incident were quite as shocked as I was and asked if I was ok. The car did not immediately stop but only did so about fifteen meters away.  I managed to catch up with him along with a few  security guards who also saw what happened and approached the driver.  The adrenaline rush I felt got the better of me and I somewhat managed to say a few choice words to the young driver and when the security asked for his license, I think he got scared and just sped away.  They got his license plate and the incident was immediately reported to the village security office.  

Eventually the young driver did turn himself in at the security office and I was able to speak to him over the phone. Apologies were made, lectures given and the issue was resolved. Case closed. 

Luckily, I suffered no major bruises with just a sore foot for now.  I am reminded once again to be mindful of my surroundings and be alert at all times. But most of all, I am thankful for The Lord's protection and extremely grateful that I get to run another day.