SanteBarley 21km Race

        With the year almost coming to an end Sante Barley 21km Running event
        is one of them “ Legitimate “ races that joining is definety a must for a year ender.
        What I like about this race too is the route passes CaviTex .
        I run that route same month last year and had a really great experience, Feels like your running
        the SkyWay. : - )
But due to unforeseen events I still run the races but I was totally wasted even before gun start
My mind was preoccupied
I only had an hour sleep before race day.
I ate a giant Meaty burger for dinner which was a NO NO
And the races was delayed for half hour which kinda screwed up my head.
I just decided to start at the back of the pack of the 21km race. I estimate 5000 joined the event 21km .
 When finally the races started my goal was just enjoy the races and enjoy the view.
This definetly I did and loved every minute of it.
I even got to meet some New friends and some old friends and it was mostly chitchatting and laughters as we ran
I finished at an ok time of 2.06
Happy I survived ; - )
Maybe 2 or 3 more races before year end.