RUPMarathon 42.195km

 Last year, my  RupMarathon 2012 was a disaster !  I did something really stupid.
I broke the number 1 rule of Running 101 ,” Never try anything new on race day”.
Well, around the 25 km mark, and against my better judgement, I ate a snickers bar. 
So as expected, I had a sugar rush but then got crushed  around the 28 km mark.  
I struggled, I walked, I short, I "bonked".  I hit the wall and just mustered whatever strength I had left to keep me from collapsing and take me through the Finish Line.  

This year,  RupMarathon 2013 was my chance to redeem myself.  I was pretty much prepared mentally and physically.  I racked in the mileage months prior especially the much needed 30 to 35 km long runs and trained my mind to just concentrate and enjoy the race.

The race itself was generally good.  We did not pass the C5 area as I thought we would but went straight to Roxas Boulevard taking Kalayaan.  I kinda got excited with the change in route because, at least in my mind,  the race  seemed shorter. But at the last 8 km, I did a little walking because the uneven road near Uniwide was quite uncomfortable on the feet.  It was difficult to run because "masyadong  malubak" so to speak.  Nevertheless, I  finished strong in the last 2km and had a big smile on my face when I reached the Finish Line. Redemption was mine : - ).  

A good friend just recently asked me, " How many Marathons have you run ?”  For a second there I paused but couldn’t give a definite answer simply because I never really counted.  I just join races (no matter what the distance) as much as I can whenever I get the chance because its something I truly enjoy.  So. how many Marathons have I actually accomplished to date? Thats a good trivia question and I will have to do the math on that one.  

All I know is that this has to be one of the best Marathons I ever raced simply because I had something to prove to myself , I prepared well and I was inspired.  Best part about long races like these  is that you receive a lot of encouragement from fellow runners along the route which helped lift up my spirits. THANK  YOU for all the well wishes and words of encouragement I received on the race.  My family and I truly appreciate it.  
Distance : 42.195 km
Finish Time : 4:34
The Biggest Smile in the World
The " A Team " Coach Salazar , Tin F. with Running Friend

Gil Z.
Orlando B.
Soliel N. and friend
Juvy S. on my right and some running friends
Noel A and i 
ok who's the wise guy that forgot to wipe the camera lens