Running Strong

Despite the difficulties and struggles that came my way, I can still honestly say that life has been quite good to me.  Every obstacle that was brought upon me, I took as a challenge.  And with each challenge I faced, I tried my best to persevere, to make things right yet still keeping a smile on my face even if it was a struggle to do so.  Of course, things don't always turn out the way we want them to, so we just change what we can, accept what we can't and simply move on. 

Unfortunately,  life sometimes deals you a heavy blow just when you least expect it.   A blow that catches you flat footed with all your defenses down.  A jab so strong you find the wind knocked out of you and your face flat on the floor. At least thats how it felt to me.  What's even more difficult and ironic is that this blow was not even dealt on me but on someone else...a person I truly love and respect.  It is not my struggle, nor is it my cross to bear.  This isn't about me.   It is about someone who until recently made me realize the True Measure of a Man


I always thought you were weak but you are Strong !
I always thought you would crumble in a crisis but I was wrong.
In your quiet stillness, you choose to not let this affliction consume you, but have remained steadfast because you are Strong!
When faced with the unimaginable, you took it like a man, with your dignity intact.  You steel your nerves determined to fight because you are Strong !  

In the silence of an early morning run, I have shed my tears ( as you know I always do ) and I have prayed like I have never prayed before. I realize the road ahead will not be an easy one.  So I put all my faith and trust in the Lord above to send us a shot of grace and help us summon whatever strength we can muster to pull us through this challenge.  Because even though this heavy burden was put on your shoulder, you shall NEVER have to bear this burden alone. This is a fight we will take on TOGETHER.  Your struggle is our struggle.  Your battle will be our battle and we shall stand BESIDE you ( whether you like it or not ) every step of the way ... one day at a time...UNWAVERING AND RESOLUTE. 

I believe you will overcome this….because you are Strong! 
“ I believe in miracles. I have to."  - TERRY FOX

On Sunday October 6, 2013
RunningShield......RunningStrong....with you.