Candy Rush 16km

Googly eyes

Candy Rush
What can I say.  IT WAS A GRUELING WEEK...and there is nothing like a good race to get the juices flowing and the bugs out of my head.  Luckily,  I had  signed up for the Candy Rush 16 km race  over a month ago.  Problem was, I wasn't exactly in the mood to drive all the way to the race venue and park..... so, I decided to just run to the race venue instead the Quirino Grandstand.  Problem solved. 

When I got to the venue, the 16 km event had already started but I just really wanted to race even if I had to run on my own. So I  simply took it easy and tried to have some fun.  I saw some running friends on the road and exchanged high 5’s. I also greeted  Berwin Meiley, the organizer of the race, as he was riding on his motorcycle checking on the runners.  I was actually having a good time up until the Finish Line when I  realized that I had not turned on my Race Watch!!  

So, I was late for the race ( tsk tsk ) and forgot to turn on my race watch ( duh! ).  Not exactly what you'd  expect from a supposedly " seasoned " runner.  But I must admit that the change of atmosphere really did me good specially when I got to race at Roxas  Boulevard - one of my favorite running places.   Just what I needed to get my head screwed on properly again. 

After the race,  I got my race medal, made my gracious exit and continued my run back Makati. 

All in all, it was a GOOD DAY, a GOOD RACE and got some GOOD "ME" TIME....which I so badly needed.   Finally got my "fix" and the bugs out of my head.  All it took was a GOOD RUN. 
Thank you God.

Total Distance ran today 22.35 km
On the way back home
 i saw this Giant Salakot near ( CCP )Cultural Center of the Philippines.