The Finish Line

Downtown Boston in the background
BOSTON 5 am  [5 pm Manila time]
It was a chilly September morning but still  good enough to wear a simple dri fit  shirt and shorts.  I was feeling a bit restless mixed with some anxiety because  of the running route I had planned for today.  
Actual site of the 1st Bomb Explosion
As I glided my way through the quiet streets of Boston, I cruise by the area where the bombing took place just 4 months ago.  All of a sudden, the hairs on my back started to rise and I was overwhelmed with a heavy feeling that I can't quite explain.  It felt like I was in a Time Capsule that took me back to that tragic day on April 15.  I can almost feel the power of the bomb exploding and  the chaos that ensued. I can imagine the shock & horror on peoples' faces.  I can hear their screams of pain and cries for help.  I see severed limbs scattered all over the place amid twisted and tangled bodies .... blood was everywhere. 
Marathon Sports how it looks today . It still looks the same.
The experience was emotionally draining which made it almost  difficult to breath and then, with a blink of an eye, it was all over.  I am  back in the present....back to this seemingly quiet street that show no trace of the tragedy that ripped through this city not too long ago.  It took me a while to get my bearings back and  when I did, I made the sign of the cross and continued my run.
Site near where the 2nd Bomb exploded. Little messages are written on cloth and tied on the steel railing
Only one question kept running through my head that morning......WHY?  I realize we may never truly know WHY or even comprehend the logic of it all but sometimes you just can't help but ask. 
So as I run through the "valley of tears",  I pray for the people of Boston.....that they shall fully recover from this tragedy .... that lives will continue to heal .... that despite the stigma, they shall once again see that proverbial  light at the end of the tunnel....or better yet, the FINISH LINE.   
FINISH LINE 117th Boston Marathon 
My heart is with Boston and forever shall be. 

NOTE :  The 2013 Boston Marathon was shut down at 2:50 p.m. — more than four hours into the race — when a pair of explosions at the Boylston Street finish line killed three people and injured over 200 others.  For 2014,  the  Boston Marathon will accept an extra 9,000 runners for next year’s race, making room for the more than 5,000 people stopped on the course this year when the bombs went off and for many of those wanting to run as a tribute to the victims.