RunningShield Left his Mark

I like the idea of leaving a mark wherever I run especially in a new place abroad.  What I would do is just bring a colored string with me during my adventure runs and tie that string on anything that catches my fancy....  be it a tree , a post or any permanent fixture of some sort.   It’s like a symbol or a statement saying that "RunningShield was here."  

In Sept 2010, I dropped off my eldest daughter in Boston and during one of my runs, I tied a Blue String on a lamp post just across her Dorm in Kerr Hall. Well she has since left that Dorm and transferred to a new apartment but every time I find myself in Boston, I would always make it a point to revisit that same lamp post to just check if the Blue Stretchable String is still there. 

Well,  I did revisit that lamp post recently and what do you know...the blue string that I tied 3 years ago is still there , seemingly surviving the harsh elements that all the 4 seasons has to offer. 

By next year, 2014, I will be going back to Boston for my daughter's  graduation at the University.  I do hope the RunningShield String  will still be there   ---- on that memorable lamp post where I had left it 3 years ago.   Its just nice to know that there is a  little piece of me in my second home called BOSTON .  At the same time, it also  makes me realize that some things really do pass the test of time ...... even if its just a piece of string :)
RunningShield mark Sept.02,2013