100 Miles Cafe


Raul Patrick Concepcion - thanks for your time! Ton Concepcion hope to see you guys in 100 Miles Cafe. And hope you can place some Condura Skyway materials in our cafe too.
           He is 1/2 of the Concepcion brothers responsible for the Condura Skyway Marathon. His blog is http://runningshield.blogspot.com/
           He is, in my opinion, a true runner (running since 1981) and tries to run every day of distances from 10-20 kms!
            If ever you get to see his photos  then you'll be amused at his running pictures (and inspired by his dedication to run daily, rain or shine, urban or trail). And after you read his answers below, you will wonder where the food goes. 
 Ice cream, lechon, duck, pancakes? 
He still has that runner's body !
That is one reason for us to keep running, right? 
Keep on running, Mr. Running Shield! 

1.   Favorite childhood food/snack (food when growing up) - Magnolia ice cream sandwich 
2.    Favorite post-race food/snack - Ice cream (vanilla or strawberry flavor) 
3.   Guilty pleasure or comfort food (food or snack that you can't say no to) - Lechon, Peking Duck and Chocolate Marble Pancake from Pancake House 
4.   Food that you hate or you won't eat - I am not a picky eater. I can eat anything, but one food I don’t particularly like is crispy deep fried shrimps. 
5.   Coffee or tea? - Coffee (strong and black, no sugar) 
6.   Salt or sugar? - Sugar, definitely. 
7.   Pasta or pizza? - Pizza. I will eat any type of pizza for as long as no pineapples. 
8.   Rice meal or sandwich? - RICE!!!! RICE!!!!! 
9.    Water or soda? - Water (I am even good with tap water) 
10.               Ice cream or yogurt? - Real men eat ice cream!! 
Two bonus questions:
1. First ever race (and the distance) - De La Salle Lipa's 6K trail run (Sept. 1981) 
2. Favorite racing distance - 21 km. With the 21 km distance, you can run fast and still enjoy the benefits of a long run. Your body is also not so worn out after the race that you can go for a run again the following day