It’s been a while since I've  raced.  The last race I did was the Adidas KOTR  which was last June 2013.  My absence in the race arena was not by choice really but more on lack of choices.  Joining the SAFEGUARD 2XU – SOLE RACING (LEG 2) was a good way for me to get back into the groove of things after over a month hiatus. 
                     Now I won't go through a litany of excuses or the "sins" that I indulged in  on the day before the race event.  Suffice it to say that I was again a "bad  boy" just like I was on the SOLE RACING (LEG 1) .   In addition to that, I am still nursing a right heel injury and worst of all, I did pack a few pounds :(  Knowing only too well that these factors would greatly affect my speed and performance, I just had to keep my focus and aim to do my best.  I realized later on that it would take a lot more from me just to  maintain my focus on this race especially when mother nature decides to get in the picture. 
                     When I got to the race venue I was wondering if the race was cancelled because nothing had been  set up yet. Spoke to Rio and he informed me that they plan to set up at the last moment because the rain was quite  strong and he was afraid his equipment would short circuit.

The race started at 4 am sharp with just a slight drizzle of rain.  But around the 4 km mark, all hell broke loose.  It was  raining cats… dogs…. cows…. sheep  - you name it.  The rain poured so hard  you could hardly see the person in front of you.   Apart from the rain, the strong winds kept pushing me side ways that I constantly had to adjust my foot stride.  And if that isn't enough,  wind also blew sea water over the breakwater and it would sting my eyes.  

By the end of the race we were so drenched that we looked  like we just got out of the pool!  The race was quite challenging considering all the factors involved  but I have to  admit..... I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT !!!!!  This was a dream come true for me..... Running and Racing in the Rain !!!!  I even emptied my water bottle because who needs water when you had rain water to drink.   All in all, it was a good run, a great experience  and I wish we had more races like this !!!

Distance: 21 km.  
Finish Time: 2 :00  
With Boy Friend Paolo C.

Noel C. 
Roselle D.
Roy Runner and Desmelyn T. ( marathon runner 1 )
Running Friends
Stormy Waters