New Beginnings

            Running has always been the one thing that I can truly get lost in...the only time where  I can just be alone and in touch with my thoughts and emotions.  Often I find myself running in a concrete jungle where  public transportation  and the "rat race tribe" were my frequent companions.   During most of those runs, distractions were numerous and  it was always a constant struggle to silence the mind and find some solace amid the chaos. 
             But for this month, it felt really good to run on home ground.....a welcome change of scenery even if only temporary.  My runs were more solitary with only the gardener, chauffeurs, dog walkers or roving guards to keep me company while I romp around my play ground.    As I run, all I would hear was the constant rhythm of my heartbeat.  With every stride,  my thoughts raced.... keeping pace with me.  It was easy to clear my head and think freely minus the distractions.  In no time I was in another world.  
             Unfortunately,  in running as in life, all good things must come to an end… but only for the the time being.  Because for every end there is a new beginning ..... for every death there is new life ... and once in awhile, if your lucky,  life is kind and grants you a second chance ............ a new start. 
             I know in time I will be back and run in a place where I can call home.   A place of perfect peace and Nirvana.  But for now, there is always running and tomorrow is another day ...another chance to begin anew.