For more than 3 decades of my running  life,  I was wearing a familiar pendant of a Running Man around my neck.    It was quite unique and had a character of its own.  It weathered through sweat, grime, salt water, soapy water and even the dreaded body acidity.  I was very fond of my Running Man pendant and never took it off.  It was my constant companion.
         But one day it was not with me anymore.  All I remember was that both chain and pendant were no longer around my neck.     I searched for it but to no avail.  Such was my attachment to that pendant that it almost felt like  a part of my limb had been severed off. Wherever my Running Pendant may be i know it is in a good place and memories of our journey will always last forever.
                     Since then, I began the quest for a new "Running" pendant.  I didn't know exactly what kind of pendant it was going to be .... I just wanted something unique and precious,  but most of all ... it had to be INSPIRING.
                    And then I found it.... my WING.  
                    I must admit, I feel quite  proud wearing my new Wing pendant around my neck.  It's somehow symbolic of what I want to be or aspire for ..... to be fast.....to take flight.....to be FREE.  

                    I wear my WING  like a badge of accomplishment .... like "earning my wings" through trials and training.  But most of all, its a reminder that if we give "wing to our imagination",   dreams  can become a reality..... Just believe !!!!