I have a bad case of wanderlust.  I love to travel and if possible, I will not pass up the chance to do so specially here in the Philippines.  I can be quite adventurous , fairly easy to please, game to try anything and everything ( within reason of course), and though I prefer to travel light with just a backpack in tow,  the one thing I can never leave home without is my RUNNING GEAR!

          So when my daughter, who is vacationing from Boston, told me that her "Friend" Chas (a pure bred Bostonian ) was coming over to the Islands for a visit, it gave us a good excuse to plan a trip to BOHOL and show our guest that it really is " more fun in the Philippines."
wasn't sure if  Chas was game enough to rough it up and try the local delicacies but hey, life is an adventure and if you don’t get away from your comfort zone you might as well be dead. 
ATV, Chocolate Hills at the background

The local Bruce Springsteen 
Loboc River - Lunch

Chas went Diving while Patricia and i went Snorkeling 

But what I really look forward to  most when I travel is Running.   Running  in a new place somehow gives me the chance to absorb the sights and sounds from a different perspective.  I'm free to wander and explore....possibly even get lost and just basically feel like one of the locals.
Easy Run before Dinner - Rice fields / Chocolate hills at the background.
Beach Run

 On the Last day of our Bohol Vacation 
" Chas " being a 2.42 Marathoner asked me if he could join me in my Morning Run. I said, " sure " but frankly i was a bit worried because my best marathon time is only 3.52 and with this frustrating right foot pain i was afraid i would be more of a turtle than a runner, but hey i was able to keep up... Let me rephrase that " He " was able to keep up with me.  :-) 
We ran a 15.23 km at 5:24 /km pace. 

Bohol was an adventure....Life is an adventure …..Running just made it better.
Thing i saw in Bohol :
Hi Mom !
3 legged Gecko
Wasn't able to see a live Tarsier but i saw something better ?
Ice cream 
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