My Average Running mileage is around 80 – 100 km a week.
My daily runs have been pretty good so far.  No major aches and pains and I  have to admit that I've been running pretty much like a "Stallion" .... Ahem!   But  as far as  walking and going down the stairs is concerned,  that's  a different story. I look like I have a stick up my A--s.    Not a flattering sight.....seriously :(

A couple of weeks ago  in Baguio, I was doing a 21 km run and banged my right heel on the rocky terrain.  It was pretty bad that I ended up with a nasty bruise.   Just  last week but in Bohol this time, I banged the same right heel again in a trail run.  I know....I know....so much for the good running streak I have been having. 

Normally,  after 24 hours of rest, Pain killers,  Ice and foot elevation, the  pain would be pretty much gone.  Having done that,  I noticed that the pain did not go away.  In fact,  it seemed to be getting worse (but only when I run).  Maybe a days rest was not enough.  I still managed to run 6 days a week with an average of 15 km a day  which probably didn't give my heel that much of a chance  to fully recover from the injury.  

So it’s back to RunningShield Therapy : Ultra Sound, Roller and Cool Ice Spray - 3 times a day , 30 minutes per session.  I've done this therapy before and it works well for me. 
Usually, after about a week of continuous therapy, there would be no more pain.  I know that a full 2 or 3 days rest would probably be best for my heel  but my brain ( and soul )  can only take 24 hours of NO running before  I transform into  a Mr. Hyde......which would involve a whole different kind of therapy altogether!

That being said, Running has always been my best therapy.....with a dose of 6 days a week, average 15 kms/ day  and no prescription required.  :-)