Mr.Gary... Mrs.Gary ... Baby Gary

 As I was heading back home to conclude my run, I passed by a famous hotel in Makati and noticed something squirming by the sidewalk.  Of course,  curiosity got the better of me and I  just had  to stop and investigate.  Lo and behold, I found GARY!!!!  lesson-learned-from-gary .....and Mrs. Gary ......
(I didn't  know he was married ?!!)  But the most awesome sight of all was witnessing Mrs. Gary actually giving birth.!!!!!

By this time,  I was already late for work but didn't care.  After all, how often does one chance  upon a snail giving birth?   Instinctively, I took out my handy dandy camera and immediately took pictures documenting the birth of  "Little Gary".  I even touched  his tiny  shell to check if it was hard and surprisingly, it was.  Weird as it sounds, I kinda felt like a surrogate father at that moment haha.

Truly an awesome sight to behold!  But what I found most interesting was how Mr. Gary  would coil around Mrs. Gary while she was giving birth.  Some show of comfort or affection perhaps?   

After it was all over, I took off and continued my run rather pleased and amazed by what I had just witnessed.  
I'm still trying to figure out why snails and slugs have been a part of my runs lately.    But whatever it is, I certainly learned something today.  Wonders will never cease, and once in rare while, you get to experience them during your daily runs .  
We just have to train our sights to see matter how big or small. 
Life is an adventure....Running just made it better - RS
Mrs.Gary on the top .... 
Mr. Gary on the bottom 
and baby Gary on the left side coming out of mrs. Gary's " Vajayjay "... im serious